History is said to repeat itself and follow a cyclical flow. But if this is the case, do we really spend enough time looking backwards to help us move into the future? Retail consultant and avid retail historian, Graham Soult, joins Oliver Banks to understand how to avoid the threats and discover the opportunities by looking back in the retail history books.

In this episode of the Retail Transformation Show. you’ll hear:

  • How we can learn from the failures of previous retailers.
  • And which company is doing a fantastic job after focusing on their brand history.
  • Why you should look out on your next set of store visits.



Introducing Graham Soult

Graham Soult is a high-street champion, digital marketing expert and a respected media commentator. In addition, he’s a High Streets Task Force Expert, and Fellow of the Institute of Place Management (IPM). Graham is the founder of retail consultancy, CannyInsights.com.

Based in Gateshead but operating UK wide, CannyInsights.com works with independent and multiple retailers on the high street and online. Plus they work with related organisations such as landlords, local authorities, business associations and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), to help them improve their offer and marketing to retailers.

Described on BBC Look North as “the region’s best-known retail expert”, and by ITV as “a North East Mary Portas”, Graham Soult is often named as being among the most influential retail people on Twitter. He has appeared regularly on TV, on radio, and in the press, including BBC’s The One Show, BBC News, The Guardian, Retail Week, Wired and Forbes, and is a frequent speaker on retail and marketing issues at conferences and seminars.

Follow @soult on Twitter.

Or connect with Graham Soult on LinkedIn.

And finally, visit CannyInsights.com to find out more about Graham’s consulting work.

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