AI provides major opportunities for retailers as well as threats. But there are big misconceptions or misunderstandings to watch out for. In this episode, join Oliver Banks to explore 10 crucial considerations about AI in retail. Learn new ways to consider AI, bust open a major myth, and discover which AI use case could disrupt retail most.

Listen to this episode of the podcast to hear:

  • Why we are likely to be wrong about AI’s impact on retail in 2023.
  • How you can reframe AI to think of loads of positive use cases.
  • Which AI use case will provide the biggest impact to the retail industry.


McKinsey insights on AI’s impact to the retail industry

In the episode, Oliver references a 2018 McKinsey report about the applications and value of this technology. See below for the referenced charts.

AI impact by industry, with Retail as an outlier due to an extremely high level of impact

Chart showing that advanced analytics will deliver more value than AI.

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