034: SCALE Innovation Challenge with Rosemarie Truman

One of the hurdles with innovation is having the idea and getting it off the ground. The SCALE Challenge (Supply Chain And Logistics Enterprises), run by the Centre for Advancing Innovation and Rosemarie Truman will help you shortcut this and could lead to new, astonishing, disruptive businesses.

033: Learning To Transform Your Workforce (part 2)

As the world evolves, we must develop an adaptable workforce that is ready and willing to change. So, in episode 33 of the Retail Transformation Show, learning strategist, Paul Jocelyn, explores the 3 characteristics of learning organisations and gives you some tangible steps and questions that you can put into action straight away.

032: Learning To Transform Your Workforce (part 1)

Retail is changing and so is the workforce. But do you have a tangible plan in place to transform your team’s capability so you can cope with whatever the future holds in store? Paul Jocelyn is here to show how to successfully train and develop your team.

031: Winning At Omnichannel Retail (part 2)

Many retailers are building omnichannel capability. It’s the coming together of all channels to deliver a seamless experience for customers in this digital era. So, you don’t want to be left behind. Listen to important lessons from the CEO of Eagle Eye Solutions and the man who led the launch of Tesco Clubcard – Tim Mason.

030: Winning At Omnichannel Retail (part 1)

Omnichannel retail has been an ever present trend for the past few years but it remains difficult to do. In this episode, Tim Mason, CEO of Eagle Eye Solutions, former Deputy CEO of Tesco and architect of the extremely successful Tesco Clubcard loyalty programme, explains how you can transform your stores to win in today’s digital world. 

029: 5 Big Challenges With Retail Operating Models

Your retail operating model allows you to consistently run your retail operation reliably across an estate of shops for your customers and your shareholders. Discover 5 of the big challenges that retailers come across with operating models and get the actions that you need to take to overcome these challenges.

028: Benchmarking The Best Stores In New York (part 2)

Retail benchmarking assesses the positives and negatives of a variety of retail stores. David Gore and Jake Knowles from BJSS recently benchmarked 30 stores in New York, looking at branding, experience and digital. Find out what they liked, what they didn’t and what they learned from it all.

027: Benchmarking The Best Stores In New York (part 1)

Benchmarking is a great way to keep an eye on the external retail world. Store visits will help you understand the market, get ideas and find new opportunities. In this episode, hear from BJSS retail consultants, David Gore and Jake Knowles about how they went about benchmarking the best stores in New York.

026: Defining Your Retail Operating Model

Retail operations must work at a consistently high performance to deliver good results. It’s critical that your retail operating model delivers what your ideal customer wants, in an efficient and effective way. Join Oliver Banks to discover how to take your purpose or vision and translate that into a real, live operation.

025: Become A Relevant Retailer

Struggling retailers have often lost their way and don’t have a clear purpose. But how do you actually find a purpose? It can be confusing and full of conflict. Join Oliver Banks to find out why you must find your purpose and get simple steps to define it and how you can use it to stay relevant for your customers.

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