066: Profit vs. Planet

Sustainability presents one of the biggest challenges that humans and retail have ever had to face. There are many facets of sustainability – but the ability to protect and save our planet is perhaps the most pressing and critical. Join the host of the Retail Transformation Show podcast, Oliver Banks, to discover why the future of the retail industry might end up being only half of what it is today.

065: Building Winning Transformation Teams

Taking on a transformation needs a different mindset and a culture that welcomes and encourages change. If you’re looking at building a transformation team, then you must hear about the 4Ps of building successful teams. Listen now to get clear and actionable tips to help build a winning culture and team.

064: How IOT Will Change Retail

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is one of the technological developments that could significantly transform retail. It will connect the whole store together and offers a huge opportunity for collecting data and optimising the shopping trip. Joe Jensen, General Manager for the Retail Solutions Division at Intel, joins Oliver Banks and tells us more about IOT.

063: What You Must Know About Retail Today

There have been some huge changes and challenges for retail recently. So, in this episode, Oliver Banks speaks to Chris Brook Carter, the MD and SVP of Retail Week and the World Retail Congress. Take advantage of Chris’s unique helicopter view about how retail has and continues to change.

062: Retail Trends For 2020

As we start a new year, it’s time to dust off the crystal ball and take a look at some of the big themes and trends that will be big in retail in 2020. From improving financial health to sustainability, it looks like a central retail trend for 2020 will be that of transformation. Join Oliver Banks in this podcast episode to discover what the next year could look like for the retail industry.

061: Review Of The Year 2019

Retail in 2019 has continued to be a turbulent ride. From struggling companies, to literal firefighting. And from lie detector tests to the political landscape. There have been some major news in the sector. Join Oliver Banks in this podcast episode to listen now to recall the biggest stories from 2019 and what they mean for you and retail in 2020.

060: Your Store Is The Stage

Physical stores face adverse trading. In today’s retail world, they must be more than just a place to buy stuff. Instead, they should be able to entertain and inspire your customers. So, maybe it’s time to start thinking about your stores as a stage to give your customers a real experience and a competitive advantage. Join Oliver Banks and discover a different angle on how you can set up your store operations.

059: Creating Memorable Experiences

Customer experience or CX is important in today’s retail market. But what if experience isn’t what actually counts and makes a difference? What if, what’s really important here is the memory that it creates. Discover how the brain works and how you can use this to create a better customer experience.

058: Building Your Emotional Resilience (part 2)

To deliver successful retail transformation change programmes, it’s essential to be at your best. In episode 58 of the Retail Transformation Show, resilience coach and mindset expert, Steph Tranter, teaches us 5 steps to be able to manage our emotions and stay in control.

057: Building Your Emotional Resilience (part 1)

If you’re leading a retail transformation, then you know it’s busy, demanding, challenging – you could even call it stressful. But if you build up your emotional resilience, then you can overcome this stress and be the best version of yourself. Join Oliver Banks as he welcomes Steph Tranter to help you understand how to build your emotional resilience and overcome stress.

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