006: Finding Waste In Your Retail Operation

Find the wasted time and money in your retail operation. You can download a free cheat sheet now from In this episode, learn one of my favourite concepts from Lean Six Sigma – finding the 7 wastes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes and operations.

005: Taking stock after Black Friday 2018

Customers view Black Friday as perhaps the most important retail event of the year. A great chance to make some expensive purchases with a heavy discount or getting those special Christmas presents at a lower price. Whilst it is a great trade opportunity for...

003: Starting Your Transformation

Transformation is mentioned almost all the time in retail at present. Everyone seems to be talking about it. But what are we actually talking about? Remember to subscribe to the podcast which will help you not to miss some of the exciting episodes I've got planned for...

002: Who is Oliver Banks?

Oliver Banks is the podcast host of The Retail Transformation Show. Find out about Oliver’s background and how his experiences blend together.

001: Kicking off the Retail Transformation Show

Disruption is here and it is facing retail. So now is the time for retail transformation. Join Oliver Banks as he kicks off this new podcast. In this introductory episode, we’re setting the scene so be sure to subscribe and don’t miss the next episode.

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