049: Is Retail Actually Changing?

We often talk of all of the change happening in retail… but is the retail industry actually changing? Or are we just getting over excited? Is this just a natural evolution and we’re blowing things out of proportion? In fact, this essential question is critical to dive into for the Retail Transformation Show.

048: Get Ready For Tech (And Other Live Event Tips)

Live events can be a vital source of insight, ideas, suppliers and relationships. But, to make the most of attending live events, it's critical to be more strategic in your actions before the event, during the event and after the event. In the build up to Ascential's...

047: Tech Driving Retail Transformation

Whenever we’re thinking about retail transformation, technology probably isn’t that far away. Technology has significantly changed our lives. Meanwhile, retail technology has the same effect on the world of shopping: both for consumers and businesses. In this episode, Oliver Banks explores key challenges and trends with Poppie Mickleburgh and Rebecca Morrison from the Retail Week team at Ascential.

046: Reinventing Retail For The New Normal (part 2)

The retail landscape is changing and your business must adapt and transform. However, recognising the need to transform is only the first step. Making it happen is much harder. In this podcast episode, Oliver Banks talks to the experienced retailer and former CEO and COO, Ian Shepherd, who guides us through some of the toughest elements of making a transformation happen.

045: Reinventing Retail For The New Normal (part 1)

The retail world is changing and evolving. My special guest, ex retail CEO, Ian Shepherd, calls this the “New Normal” and has created 6 new rules to help define how the world works now and, in particular, what you must to do win in our digitally enabled world. Discover his new book and the 6 rules that will set you up for success in our fast changing world.

044: The Problem With Digital Transformation

We’re living in a changing world and retailers must change and transform. But change can be hard and there are many opportunities to fail. So, we collectively turn to digital transformation as the solution. However, in this episode of the Retail Transformation Show Oliver Banks explains why digital transformation could be guiding you through to failure.

043: How Social Media Is Changing Retail (part 2)

Consumers are driving the retail market more than ever before. Much of this power is down to their ability to have a voice that is heard. Social media is the megaphone that amplifies that voice to be heard by global companies. Polly Barnfield OBE continues the conversation with Oliver Banks and explores how physical stores can use social media effectively. Show notes at

042: How Social Media Is Changing Retail (part 1)

The retail market is going through extraordinary change and transformation. The rise of social media is one of the drivers for this. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have significantly changed the retail industry. Polly Barnfield OBE, the Founder and CEO of Maybe, joins Oliver Banks and explains how and why this is happening.

041: How Will Amazon Transform?

Amazon continue to drive transformation across the retail market. But what are some of their key strengths and weaknesses and what do these tell us about how they’ll evolve themselves. Oliver Banks explores 6 ways in which Amazon will transform themselves and what you can do about it.

040: 5 Big Challenges Facing Retailers

We’re continually seeing tough news stories for retailers. However, sometimes the reasons are out of the retailer’s control. But, there are many big, hairy challenges which are directly in your circle of influence. In this episode, Oliver Banks uncovers 5 big challenges facing retailers right now – and how you can overcome them.

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