028: Benchmarking The Best Stores In New York (part 2)

Retail benchmarking assesses the positives and negatives of a variety of retail stores. David Gore and Jake Knowles from BJSS recently benchmarked 30 stores in New York, looking at branding, experience and digital. Find out what they liked, what they didn’t and what they learned from it all.

027: Benchmarking The Best Stores In New York (part 1)

Benchmarking is a great way to keep an eye on the external retail world. Store visits will help you understand the market, get ideas and find new opportunities. In this episode, hear from BJSS retail consultants, David Gore and Jake Knowles about how they went about benchmarking the best stores in New York.

026: Defining Your Retail Operating Model

Retail operations must work at a consistently high performance to deliver good results. It’s critical that your retail operating model delivers what your ideal customer wants, in an efficient and effective way. Join Oliver Banks to discover how to take your purpose or vision and translate that into a real, live operation.

025: Become A Relevant Retailer

Struggling retailers have often lost their way and don’t have a clear purpose. But how do you actually find a purpose? It can be confusing and full of conflict. Join Oliver Banks to find out why you must find your purpose and get simple steps to define it and how you can use it to stay relevant for your customers.

024: What’s In Store For Retail (part 2)

Retail is turbulent right now and on a knife edge between success and failure. Retail Week’s George MacDonald helps you to see a bigger picture view of the industry as and advises you on where to start to be successful.

023: What’s In Store For Retail (part 1)

With so much going on in retail, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s actually going on. Hear from Retail Week’s Executive Editor, George MacDonald, to take a bigger picture view of the industry as well as to highlight some of the key elements that you must consider to be successful.

022: Retail Week Live Sneak Peek

Retail Week Live is UK retail’s premier event. In episode 22 of the Retail Transformation Show, I catch up with Poppie Mickleburgh, Retail Week’s Events Director. Listen in to get a sneak peek to this year’s event.

021: Are You Actually A Mediocre Retailer?

The retail apocalypse is being renounced. Experts declare that retail isn’t dead, but boring, mediocre retail is. But what is mediocre retail? And how will you know if you’re actually boring? Join Oliver Banks to discover how to assess “mediocrity” and what to do about it.

020: Jumping Online To Offline (part 2)

With the online retail market reaching maturity, ecommerce retailers are now looking to physical stores to connect with customers and to grow. Oliver Banks continues his conversation with Jennifer Fruehauf, exploring the pitfalls and opportunities of moving “clicks to bricks”.

019: Jumping Online To Offline (part 1)

Much focus has been on traditional retailers moving online. But, a big trends is online retailers turning to physical stores for growth opportunities. In this episode, Oliver Banks catches up with Jennifer Fruehauf to explore this opportunity more.

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