055: The Best Bits From The First Year Of The Podcast (Part 2)

A huge amount of change is occuring in retail right now and too many companies are struggling or paying the ultimate price for not transforming. This episode is part 2 where you can learn expert strategies, tips and tactics from Oliver Banks and the special guests who have appeared on the Retail Transformation Show. Hear the best golden nuggets that featured over the past year.

054: The Best Bits From The First Year Of The Podcast (Part 1)

The world of retail is busy and challenging… and retail transformation is critical for the future of the industry. Hear the best bits and get ready to take a whirlwind tour through the golden nuggets that have been shared in previous episodes from Oliver Banks and the special guests who have appeared on the Retail Transformation Show.

053: The Retail Transformation Menu

If you need to start a transformation journey, you’ll find many complex things going on in your heart and your head. That’s natural to feel or think that way. So, to help you, in this podcast episode, Oliver Banks lays out a menu of 10 different types of retail transformation which you can use to pick and choose what will be relevant for your organisation.

052: 10 Steps To Overcome Adversity

Retail is facing a tough time. So, if you’re facing adversity, then it’s essential to take action and do it quickly too. There are many things you could do, but what are the things that you must do quickly for a fast return on your time investment. In this episode, discover 10 things that you can do right now to get started.

051: Why Are Retailers Facing Adversity?

It won’t surprise you that retail is tough. But why is this? Why have some companies done well and others struggled? And what makes the retail market particularly challenging compared to the older retail market? Listen now to remind yourself what retail used to be like and why companies have struggled to change.

050: Is Transformation Right For You?

The word transformation builds a whole range of emotions in us. It can excite some and give a cold sweat to others. But, if we’re using the word “transformation” incorrectly then we’ll be setting the wrong expectations among stakeholders and shareholders. So it’s critical that we really understand when we are talking about transformation – and when we are not.

049: Is Retail Actually Changing?

We often talk of all of the change happening in retail… but is the retail industry actually changing? Or are we just getting over excited? Is this just a natural evolution and we’re blowing things out of proportion? In fact, this essential question is critical to dive into for the Retail Transformation Show.

048: Get Ready For Tech (And Other Live Event Tips)

Live events can be a vital source of insight, ideas, suppliers and relationships. But, to make the most of attending live events, it's critical to be more strategic in your actions before the event, during the event and after the event. In the build up to Ascential's...

047: Tech Driving Retail Transformation

Whenever we’re thinking about retail transformation, technology probably isn’t that far away. Technology has significantly changed our lives. Meanwhile, retail technology has the same effect on the world of shopping: both for consumers and businesses. In this episode, Oliver Banks explores key challenges and trends with Poppie Mickleburgh and Rebecca Morrison from the Retail Week team at Ascential.

046: Reinventing Retail For The New Normal (part 2)

The retail landscape is changing and your business must adapt and transform. However, recognising the need to transform is only the first step. Making it happen is much harder. In this podcast episode, Oliver Banks talks to the experienced retailer and former CEO and COO, Ian Shepherd, who guides us through some of the toughest elements of making a transformation happen.

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