The retail market is continually changing – there is disruption to business models, competitive landscape, fulfilment channels and store operations. You must keep up with the rest of the industry.

The demands from customers are also always changing – people need more service, want better prices and expect increased convenience.

There should be no doubt that stores will remain relevant. They will continue to play an important part in an omni-channel shopping journey to help consumers want to keep coming back. Customer experience is critical. It’s more important now than ever before – and customers are demanding that your ‘bricks and mortar’ retail stores need are more than just places to transact.

However, creating innovative and compelling customer experiences can be a ‘money pit’. Without careful planning, they can be expensive, confusing and have no ultimate purpose to the benefit to the customer or the business.

Online retailers are increasingly turning to real-life retail stores to help build relationships and provide face to face service and experience. Meanwhile, traditional retailers are moving online and need to offer more than a simple multi-channel offering.

Digital and physical retail are integrating. Plus, it’s important that decisions and infrastructure are setup for the future, not just the present.


Transforming your business to operate in an omni-channel world is challenging. However, you don’t have time to waste as competitors are already making gains. They’re stealing your customers and your trade right now. They’re going to continue to nibble away at your market and your future.


Your customers are continually changing with increasing demand but creating better experiences for them can be expensive.


Competition is increasing from many different angles and taking market share.


Digital and physical stores are integrating but how will your operation continue to play a relevant and profitable part in omni-channel shopping.


Holding your current position is challenging – and that’s before even talking about growth.


Many retailers already recognise the need for “transformation” in the face of disruption. You must defeat today’s challenges and grasp tomorrow’s opportunities.

Your change and transformation programmes must be well planned and coordinated. You’ll want to align and bring together cross functional specialists through workshops, working groups and governance.

There needs to be a clear focus on both innovation and justification. Complex risks and issues need delicate management and decisive action taking. The different parts of your organisation all must get on board for this to work.

Your retail transformation NEEDS to deliver – after all, what does the alternative future look like?

My experience of managing major transformation programmes in large retail organisations is key. I blend the energy to ‘chase it down’ while still being hands on and supportive to get the job done. I challenge people to think differently to unlock new ideas and approaches. I’ll lead by example and will demand delivery and results.


Effective team working, including collaborating in cross functional workshops and resourcing.


Clear planning and coordination with change leaders who set an excellent example to inspire others to get on board and do the job.


Governance and PMOs need to support the transformation – not get in the way.


You need hands on programme management to maximise your chance of success. What’s your alternative to transforming successfully?

Transforming and engineering your future business is delicate but essential. But, the opportunities for a successful transformation are sizable and could be the legacy of today’s business – a gift for tomorrow.



Transformation is complicated with many different aspects that need to be in scope. You need a guide to carefully manage the programme, directing you through the activities and decisions and activities to be able to take action and realistically deliver change.

This is a common challenge. Often with lots of talking, lots of good discussions, meetings and workshops… but with nothing is coming out. Nothing is getting done. You need the energy to drive forwards along with a programme structure that demands progress. It would be great to discuss some options to help you move forward – scroll down the page a little to make contact.

This can be a continual thorn in your side if this is not resolved. It’s essential to have all parts of the organisation ‘on the bus’ together – all aligned and pulling in the right direction. Stakeholder management will be important to understand their viewpoint so you can successfully collaborate. If people continue to resist getting on the bus, it’s important to have some open and honest conversation to make a shift – what’s the alternative.

Super. Big consultancies can provide some insightful research and great strategic blueprints. Now it’s time to take action. You must turn those plans into reality by breaking them down, step by step and getting the work done. It will also be important to set up the right governance and PMO structures to help you.

Good, there will be lots of lessons learned to continue to adapt and shift. There’s never an easy way out but persistence and new thinking will drive the business and operational transformation. After all, how does the future look like if you don’t take action and you don’t transform?


Are you ready to start a meaningful and purposeful transformation?


Focus on achieving your strategic goals


Redesign your retail operation for future successes


Get real results – it’s time to deliver change

If you’re ready to stop talking and take action, then I’d love to connect with you to discuss further.

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