Managing change programmes can be complicated, stressful, laborious and is paved with opportunities for mistakes. Especially in a fast paced retail environment where certain aspects are continuing to evolve.

Being able to structure change programmes to be agile in this evolving environment comes with experience.

Sometimes, retailers find they have a good idea of what their transformation goal looks like, but they’re not sure how to break this down into an achieveable roadmap of smaller, more manageable chunks.

Or, they understand the roadmap but don’t have the team, the capability or the skills to realise this.


When retailers make large-scale changes, often, they struggle to actually realise the benefits. Common pitfalls mean that benefits can be overstated and double counted. Improvements are made to a baseline – which just isn’t understood or isn’t visible.

Even then, changes are landed… but never fully delivered. Communication goes out, but the various changes are never completed. Ultimately, the change fails and the operation degrades back to the old ways of working.

Soon, the pitfalls of making change become a blocker for the organisation and have an impact the broader business.


Managing change is complex, with many moving parts, it’s easy for changes to not land and never fully deliver the initiative.


Managing and leading change is stressful – with lots of opportunity for mistakes – with each potentially impacting the business and or you personally.


Perhaps you don’t have the people, skills, capability – or headspace! These are all going to be essential.


Unsuccessful change will never realise the expected or potential benefits with could limit the business’s future.


Changes need to use effective, thorough – but still pragmatic – programme management techniques.

Even with trained and capable Project Managers, you’ll still want to use programme management to provide a strategic viewpoint and drive progress on all fronts. Think – less ‘weeds’, more ‘helicopter.’

Ensure that you have an effective and useful Programme Management Office (PMO) to drive and shape the change. Your PMO should not be a burden on the organisation. It should ease the load and accelerate projects and programmes. The PMO should play a much bigger role than just reporting and collating! The PMO should drive progress, spotting both strategic and tactical opportunities, share insight and add real value to everything they do.

They are the enabler of change in the organisation. The PMO and governance should be structured to help – not get in the way.

I provide programme management support to help you deliver your change roadmap and achieve your transformation goals. Having led programmes and managed PMOs at large companies, such as Tesco, I can help you overcome the common challenges.


Programme management needs to be agile to shape and drive the change initiatives, not get in the way.


Engage key stakeholders and earn their buy-in leading to focused attention across the business.


Your organisation will progress as you start to deliver quick wins and then each of the longer term changes on your roadmap.


Your business will actually realise the benefits, leading to better business performance and results.



Don’t worry! It’s normal to feel like that. Change is hard and complicated. Make contact and I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

You need someone to relieve the stress and manage the programme and PMO effectively. You need support and time to put thoughts into action. Reach out and make contact – I may be able to help you or point you in the right direction.

An important part of each project and the programme as a whole is to realise the benefits. Well planned trials and tests should build confidence and allow the business stakeholders to review. Then, during (not after) each project and programme, you must have a plan to monitor the success of landing the change.

Great. If you need me to support them, I always look to work within your existing structures and set up – assuming that they’re working well of course.

I’ve led successful change programmes at major and well-known retailers. I’ve made changes to over 3,000 stores, landing many types of project and programme, including productivity improvement, re-investments, HR / people impacts, IT initiatives and technology change. Discover more on the About page.


Does your change programme need to be kick started or managed carefully through to delivery? Perhaps you need to:


Accelerate your programme and projects


Design and facilitate workshops for cross functional collaboration


Manage a pragmatic programme with a supportive PMO


Support your team with coaching, mentoring or guidance

If you are accountable for delivering critical change programmes or initiatives for your business, then then please reach out and let’s talk.

I’d be more than happy to help suggest the best way forward.


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