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Episode 079

Retail Store Management Structures

Retail stores succeed on the strength of their people and colleague teams. Leading and managing those teams is, therefore, a critical element. But finding the right retail store management structure can be complex with many considerations to include. In this podcast episode, productivity expert, Simon Hedaux, joins Oliver Banks to explore how you should go about finding the right store management structures.


Episode 053

The Retail Transformation Menu

If you need to start a transformation journey, you might be feeling nervous or unsure. There are many complex things going on in your heart and your head. That’s natural to feel or think that way. So, to help you, in this episode of the Retail Transformation Show podcast, Oliver Banks lays out a menu of 10 different types of retail transformation which you can use to pick and choose what will be relevant for your organisation. (Please note, this is a longer episode than usual).


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