We’re in a great period of turbulence for the retail industry. Some people are calling it the “Retail apocalypse” – or “Retailpocalypse”. Others are burying their head in the sand.
But you need to know that change is coming. In fact, change is here. So, retailers are now left with a simple choice:
  • Transform or Sink.
  • Improve or decline.
  • Change or die.

Now is the time for retail transformation.



Enter the Retail Transformation Show

There are 4 main aims of the show.
  • Firstly, to feed you insight – to give you deep understanding of a particular element critical to your success.
  • Secondly, to give you inspiration – and motivate you to successfully cope with change to transform today so you’re ready tomorrow
  • Next, it’s to plant new ideas in your head- bring you some of the latest and most innovative thinking from some of the brightest and best minds in the industry and finally
  • And finally, I hope that the show excites you out of our shared interest – to have invigorating and thought provoking conversations about what is happening in our industry and what it means for the future.
Ultimately, the purpose of the retail transformation show is to help YOU transform retail operations.
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