Transformation is tough, right? To maximise your chances of success, you must monitor and improve 3 factors which give a solid foundation to build your transformation on. Discover the symptoms to look out for and what action to take to ensure these critical foundations are in good shape. In turn, look forward to leading and managing a successful transformation.

Introducing the Transformation Trifecta. Be sure to download the full guide below and get it delivered straight to your inbox.

The full guide of the Transformation Trifecta is the perfect companion to listening to this episode of the podcast. More importantly, it’s the perfect companion to help ensure that your change programme is build on solid foundations and won’t be crumbling away quickly. Soon, you’ll be on your way to a successful transformation.

What is the Transformation Trifecta?

In the podcast, you’ll listen to the 3 critical elements of your transformation foundations.

  1. A strong will to change
  2. An achievable approach
  3. The right people to do it

Each of these are essential to ensure a successful transformation. Each is critical for successful change delivery. Together, this forms my Transformation Trifecta. Essentially, this is a brilliant way to check the health of your transformation. You can test the integrity of each element and then take action accordingly.

Is your retail transformation in good shape?

Whilst life is not as black and white as we’d sometimes like, if your transformation is weak in any of these areas, you could be destined for transformation failure.

If you’re missing a strong will to change, you’ll be left with frustrated teams and unfulfilled potential. You know just what to do and have the skills to do it. But without that support and sponsorship, it’s a false start. Nothing will happen.

If you’re missing an achievable approach – then you’re not sure how to actually do your transformation. You don’t have clarity on how to solve your challenges. Essentially this is a waste of your talent, your resources and your budget. In turn, your organisation will be confused and will feel a sense of regret.

If you’re missing the right people to do it – then your transformation simply won’t get done. Transformation is hard work. So without the right people, the work won’t be done. The result is a load of missed expectations, both internally and externally. Essentially, you will lose your opportunity for transformation.

So, if you’re weak on any of these critical elements, your transformation is at risk. But if you’re weak in more, then your whole transformation is extremely likely to fail. And remember, it is the future of your business at stake.

How to check the health of your transformation

In the podcast, I then explore:

  • The symptoms and signs to look out for. Basically, these are the activities or behaviours that you could see in your business.
  • The actions and remedies that you can put into place. By taking action, you have the opportunity to treat some of the symptoms. In turn, you’ll be strengthening your transformation’s foundations.
  • Finally, I hint at some of the watchouts that you need to be aware of. These are what could be challenging for you as you take action. So, I wanted to give you the heads up so that you can start to plan.

Download and take a retail transformation healthcheck

You must ensure that these 3 elements are strong if you want to bolster your transformation and really put it on the path to success. Get the full guide to my Transformation Trifecta now.

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