2019 looks like it could be another challenging year for retail. But with challenge, we’ll also get opportunity and change. In fact, things must change which will release new energy and ultimately will be better for customers. In this episode, hear from 3 experts, all with brilliant minds, on what they feel is exciting them about the future of retail in 2019.



Listen to episode 12 for part 1 where you can hear more expert opinion on the future of retail in 2019. (It’s not a prerequisite before listening to this episode though).

In episode 13, hear from 3 special guests and learn what is exciting them about the future of retail in 2019. Also check out episode 14 for part 3.

Jennifer Fruehauf

Jennifer is a commercially focused customer director. She helps consumer-facing companies to innovate and leverage technology to deliver customer value and revenue growth.

She brings years of experience in both retail and technology environments. Additionally, she’s developed successful store of the future pilots. Plus, she loves to lead programmes to deliver and realise the future of retail. Inevitably, to do this, she blends omnichannel strategy, customer experience and digital transformation.

Find Jennifer on LinkedIn or email at jfruehauf@outlook.com.

“I’m really excited to see what traditional retailers will do to evolve their businesses…. To see where they go and what decisions they make to try to innovate and do things a little bit differently and maybe borrow a little bit from the digital players’ playbook.”

Dan Adler

Dan is a supply chain expert bringing together years of managing and improving supply chains. Plus, he brings a keen focus on new technology and how to best harness it in existing businesses.

However, Dan Adler is one of the most innovative people that I know. So, if he is interested in something, you should probably take notice too.

Reach out to Dan on LinkedIn or on email at dan.adler@i-replen.com.

“They are now looking at reimagining their supply chains and their processes and using both incumbent systems but also new technologies coming into the market”

Paul Jocelyn

Paul believes that many organisations have a critical player missing from the strategic table. That player is ’Learning & Development’ and that their new role is to build adaptable, connected organisations that learn and shift faster than their competition.

Paul help L&D teams and business leaders develop and embed continuous learning strategies that actually improve adaptability, alignment and performance.In turn, L&D can play a critical role in defining and developing the future of retail.

You can find Paul on Twitter with the handle @pauljocelyn, on LinkedIn and by email at paul@jocelynconsultingltd.co.uk.

“Rather than the traditional role of “L&D”, sitting in business support to manage and deliver a a fixed program of training, I see their new focus as leading and enabling the conditions for continuous learning at all levels of the organisation”

What do YOU think about the future of retail in 2019?

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Or if you’d prefer to email me, you can at oliver.banks@obandco.uk. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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