We’re continually seeing tough news stories for retailers. However, sometimes the reasons are out of the retailer’s control. But, there are many big, hairy challenges which are directly in your circle of influence. In this episode, I, Oliver Banks, uncovers 5 big challenges facing retailers right now – and how you can overcome them.

Don’t worry about what you can’t control

The whole retail market is, in my opinion, needing to focus back in on what it can control. Well, actually, it’s more than just the retail market – but that’s probably another conversation!

Perhaps it is the weather. Maybe the wider economic picture. It could even be Brexit or other political elements. Or – the 500lb gorilla in the room – Amazon.

Yes, these are all challenges facing retailers. But, all of these items are out of your control. They’re out of your circle of influence. Sure, there are things you can do to counter them and the impact that they have. But that is different than worrying about those exact things. I see and hear too many in and around retail complaining and falling victim to these big challenges which can’t be ignored.

5 big challenges facing retailers today

However, there are some big challenges which still exist and which retailers can do something about. You’ll need to tune in and listen to the podcast to find out which are the 5 challenges facing retailers.

However, I did reference a number of other podcasts which you might enjoy:

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And there was even a passing glance to the episodes which I did with Andrew Busby, episode 35: Reinvigorating Our High Streets (part 1) and episode 36 (part 2).

So…. there is your playlist for the rest of the week or perhaps your summer holiday! 😉

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