The retail landscape is changing and your business must adapt and transform. However, recognising the need to transform is only the first step. Making it happen is much harder. In this podcast episode, I’m talking to the experienced retailer, Ian Shepherd. He is the author of the new book, Reinventing Retail. So, in this podcast episode, he guides us through some of the toughest elements of actually making a retail transformation happen.

Listen to this podcast episode to find out:

  • The biggest barrier that retailers face when trying to make transformation happen?
  • What action can you take to help overcome this.
  • Why the current leadership team may be holding a retailer back.
  • How to overcome the fear of failure that exists within organisations.
  • Why retail is still brilliant and why we should be optimistic about the future.

This is the second part of the conversation. Listen to part 1, in episode 45, now to understand what our “new normal” is. Also, discover Ian’s 6 challenge areas that this new normal presents. And, importantly, what you should do about it.

Listen to part 1, in episode 45

Introducing Ian Shepherd

Ian Shepherd headshotIan Shepherd has a wealth of experience having held a variety of senior roles in retail and consumer facing businesses.

His CV includes time as Chief Operating Officer at Odeon Cinemas and as CEO at Game Group plc. Also, as Consumer Director at Vodafone and Managing Director at Sky Interactive – and many other key roles too.

During these assignments, Ian has witnessed the arrival of the new normal. He’s seen, first hand, the challenge that this can bring. Plus, he also knows the opportunity that it presents too. Ian recognises the need to transform but is equally aware of the hard work and grit that goes into actually making it happen.

Now, he helps retail boards to overcome the challenges involved with retail transformation and reinventing retail.

You find Ian Shepherd on LinkedIn or on Twitter (@IanAShepherd).

Pick up a copy of Reinventing Retail, by Ian Shepherd

Reinventing Retail, the book. The new rules that drive sales and grow profitsReinventing Retail is split into 2 main parts.

Firstly, Ian defines the “new normal” – as he did in the first part of the book. Then he lays out 6 rules that make our new normal particularly challenging and brutal. Fortunately, he also illuninates the way forward with actionable next steps for you.

The second part of the book focuses on how to make these changes happen. As Ian mentioned in this podcast episode, one of the biggest barriers to retail transformation is making this happen.

I found this was an excellent book. It was the sort of book that makes you go “YES” with excitement and agreement – from the first page to the last. I’d thoroughly recommend you pick up a copy now and take a read.  Click below to find the book on Amazon – or visit a good book shop.

Buy the book on now

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