Whenever we’re thinking about retail transformation, technology probably isn’t that far away. Technology has significantly changed our lives, and continues to do so. Meanwhile, retail technology has the same effect on the world of shopping: both for consumers and businesses. In this episode, Oliver Banks explores key challenges and trends with Poppie Mickleburgh and Rebecca Morrison from the Retail Week team at Ascential.

Technology has led to so many breakthrough moments for retail. From the introduction of barcodes to today’s exploration of AI and robotics, retail drives technology innovation. And in return, technology innovation drives retail transformation too.

On this podcast episode, discover:

  • The key challenges facing retailers when it comes to tech.
  • Why it’s important to blend technology with humans.
  • Why looking to China for innovation can be interesting but not useful.
  • How to avoid just doing “tech for tech’s sake”.

There is even some parenting advice in this one!

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Introducing Poppie Mickleburgh and Rebecca Morrison

Rebecca Morrison, Oliver Banks, Poppie Mickleburgh

(L to R) Rebecca Morrison, Oliver Banks, Poppie Mickleburgh

Poppie Mickleburgh returns to the Retail Transformation Show, previously, she was in episode 22. Poppie is Events Director for Retail Week and is excited about her next upcoming event: Tech. Tech is an event focussing on retail technology and the transformation that this can bring. In fact, the event is Europe’s largest festival of digital commerce.

Rebecca Morrison makes her podcasting debut on this episode. She’s managing content for the upcoming Tech. With experience at the Farfetch Group, she’s got a great understanding of the possibilities presented by technology.

You can find Poppie and Rebecca on LinkedIn or reach out by email:

About Tech: the event

Tech: The most important festival of digital commerce and retail technologyTech is Europe’s largest festival of digital commerce. Now in it’s 3rd year, Tech attracts thousands of retailers to come and see over 180 speakers over 10 stages. Plus, there are over 100 start ups and exhibitors which could hold the key to your business’s future success. This year, the event focuses on 5 tracks or tribes:

  • Digital collaborators
  • Talent seekers
  • The final mile-ers
  • Store superheroes
  • Customer evangelists

It’s happening in London, on the 2nd and 3rd October 2019. Find out more here and (at the time of writing) tickets are still available.

Dive deeper after listening: Retail technology examples discussed

In this episode, there were a number of ideas and innovations that we spoke about.

Sainsbury’s checkout free store

Earlier in 2019, Sainsbury’s launched the UK’s first till free store. However, 4 months later, they stopped the trial and are looking at putting checkouts back into the store. They found that their customer’s aren’t “ready yet” – but the purpose of a good trial is to try things. I’m sure that the team at Sainsbury’s will have learnt a huge amount from the trial and will come back stronger having done the trial.

How facial recognition is changing retail in China

In China, facial recognition is far more widely used than the western world. With lower privacy regulations and with the state supporting the rollout of huge volumes of cameras, retail is also evolving with this technology. Facial recognition can help you access a store, pay for your goods and – as you heard on the show – even prevent access for customers that aren’t the right demographic.

TechCast with Ed Connolly, Strategy Director of John Lewis & Partners

Poppie Mickleburgh sat down with John Lewis’s Strategy Director, Ed Connolly. Together, they discussed how to create a culture of innovation.

AirBNB Experiences

AirBNB are undoubtedly one of the big disruptors of our digitally enabled era. However, they too are evolving and transforming to continue growing. Their “Experiences” platform now allows visitors access to more than just accomodation.

Femtech – how apps like Clue are transforming lifestyles

Technology is continuing to evolve all areas of our lives. Many will of course play into the exciting retail landscape too. Femtech (femine technology) is one such area which is transforming life for women through better tracking, visibilty and forecasting of periods.

Find out more about femtech in this article from HealthyWay.com about 6 new femtech apps which are changing how women live and stay healthy.




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