If you’re leading a retail transformation, then you know it’s busy, demanding, challenging – you could even call it stressful. But if you build up your emotional resilience, then you can overcome this stress and be the best version of yourself. Join Oliver Banks as he welcomes Steph Tranter to help you understand how to build your emotional resilience and overcome stress.

Listen to this episode now to discover:

  • How your brain can sabotage you and your behaviour.
  • Why you are not actually stressed.
  • Why it is dangerous not to recognise how you are feeling.

Introducing Steph Tranter

Steph helps executives through her coaching programmes which help to build and develop confidence and resilience. She helps people to get clear on who you are and what you want. In turn, you’ll build self belief, will be able to manage and deal with “stress” better.

Steph helped me when I was still at Tesco and is a brilliant coach.

Find Steph on LinkedIn or visit her website: ThePositiveElement.com.


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