One of the biggest risks of transforming a retail business is not to actually transform. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many businesses follow this route to ruin in recent times. Retail has been changing over a number of years and the key themes such as digital transformation, frictionless and omnichannel retail are no longer brand new concepts. So, in this podcast episode, we’re joined by special guest, retail influencer Steve Dennis, author of Remarkable Retail: How to win and keep customers in the age of digital disruption. Steve shares some of the opportunities and threats facing legacy retailers – both in the coronavirus pandemic as well as before and after the crisis.

Listen in to this episode to discover:

  • Why Steve thinks “they should probably just be fired.”
  • The biggest risk to becoming remarkable.
  • The challenge with omnichannel.

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This is part 2 of the conversation between Oliver Banks and Steve Dennis. To listen to part 1, check out episode 83: Being Remarkable In Adversity (part 1).

Introducing Steve Dennis

Steve Dennis

We’re once again joined by Steve Dennis. Retail consultant, writer, speaker, author and one of the leading retail influencers in the world.

With a career involving multiple senior roles at Sears and Neiman Marcus, looking at strategy and multi-channel retailing, Steve has been at the pinnacle of the changing retail market. In fact, you’ll hear stories of this in the podcast episode.

More recently, Steve has transformed to help the industry and retailers navigate the challenges. He’s regularly recognised as one of the top retail influencers in the world (such as this by RIS – Retail Info Systems) and a respected keynote speaker. Actually, he did the closing keynote for the very first Retail Transformation Live.

He’s also just launched his book, Remarkable Retail: How to win and keep customers in the age of digital disruption.

Be sure to find out more about Remarkable Retail – including the chance to read chapter 1 for free.

Steve Dennis’s Remarkable Retail Book Launch

In April 2020, Steve’s book launched. With the coronavirus pandemic in full lockdown, along with the help of Carl Boutet and myself, Steve hosted one of the first virtual book launches. It featured a wide variety of special guests, including:

  • Renowned marketer, Seth Godin,
  • Professor of marketing at the New York University Stern School of Business, Scott Galloway,
  • Founder of Coresight Research, Deborah Weinswig,
  • Former President of Neiman Marcus, Jim Gold,
  • Publicis’s Chief Commerce Strategy Officer, Jason Goldberg,
  • And of course, retail strategist, Carl Boutet.

Carl was also our guest in episode 82: The Great Retail Acceleration. So if you’ve not checked out that episode, make sure you add that to your podcast playlist!

Watch the book launch for Remarkable Retail

The 8 Essentials Of Remarkable Retail - Framework diagramThe 8 essentials of Remarkable Retail

In the podcast, we discuss some of the essential elements on the journey to becoming remarkable. So, as a recap, these 8 essentials are:

  1. Digitally Enabled.
  2. Human-Centred.
  3. Harmonised.
  4. Mobile.
  5. Personal.
  6. Connected.
  7. Memorable.
  8. Radical.

Of course, to dive into each of these in more detail, you’ll have to purchase a copy of Remarkable Retail.

Download the Transformation Trifecta

This is a guide to help you understand the 3 critical elements for retail transformation success. My transformation trifecta is designed to help you diagnose and understand where your transformation could be in danger. Then, you’ll understand the preventative and remedial actions that you can take right now. In turn, you can set yourself on the path to success. So, download your copy below.


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