In the book ‘The Reinventionist Mindset,’ the author Joe Jackman tells us that “Change is hard yet essential. Everything tends to work out if you get good at it.” In this is the second instalment of the conversation with Joe Jackman, founder of Jackman Reinvents, you will hear the most important mindset for change. And importantly, how you can make that happen.

Joe JackmanAlso, listen to hear:

  • The most important element of the Reinventionist Mindset.
  • Why many companies don’t actually have a strategy (even if they think they do).
  • Key questions to help you reach a common understanding and common goal.

This is the second part of this conversation. So, if you’ve not already done so, listen to episode 87: The Reinventionist Mindset (part 1).

Introducing Joe Jackman

Joe Jackman is the CEO of Jackman Reinvents, and advises consumer brands, retailers, B2B companies, and private equity partners to help them reinvent themselves. For more than thirty years, Jackman has proven invaluable to leaders intent on sharpening strategy and orchestrating insight-led reinventions of their businesses. His focus is to help brands define and become the most powerful and relevant versions of their businesses in record time. He’s worked for or with major brands and retailers as a strategist, creative director, marketer, and Reinventionist. And now he is widely considered to be the leading expert on rapid reinvention.

Joe lives in Toronto, Canada and works across North America.

Find out more at

His book is “The Reinventionist Mindset: Learning to love change, and the human how of doing it brilliantly.”

Also, Joe will be giving the closing keynote at Retail Transformation Live on 9th July 2020. This is the virtual event that is there to help you get future fit. Register now for your free spot at RetailTransformation.Live.


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