As the retail industry continues to reopen, Retail Transformation Live is returning. It’s the virtual conference that you need to help you transform retail. With a stellar line up of speakers attending to share plenty of golden nuggets and the opportunity to network, connect and learn – this is the event. Understand more about the planning, the sessions and why you absolutely must be there. Register at www.RetailTransformation.Live.

Listen in to this episode and discover:

  • Why is future fit such an important theme?
  • What are the different sessions?
  • What’s new and improved since the first event.
  • Plus loads of reasons that you must attend and let others know that they should come too.

The full live agenda

Welcome & State of the Nation – Oliver Banks

Let’s not beat around the bush. It’s been an unpredictable year. But let’s convene and set the scene for what will be an incredible day ahead of us.

Opening Keynote: The Future Consumer – Martin Newman

Martin is the Consumer Champion and will be exploring how consumers are currently feeling and will be changing – plus what that means for retailers.

Transforming Retail #1 – Oliver Banks

Throughout the day, Oliver Banks will be sharing key thoughts, ideas and strategies to help you transform your retail business and operation in a series of short, focused sessions.

Retail Success After Covid-19 – Panel: Natalie Berg, Pat Kelly, Karen Bendell, Oliver Banks

With socially distanced shopping becoming the norm, we look at how that changes the challenges and opportunities for retailers – and what it will take to win.

Fundamental vs Incremental Change – Panel: Anish Patel, Simon Hedaux, Michael Grange

The word “transformation” gets used regularly, often in place of the word “change” or “improvement”. But when is the right time to fundamentally transform and when should you be thinking about ongoing optimisation?

Indie Inspired Innovation – Panel: Clare Bailey, Greg Deacon, Catherine Erdly, Rebecca Morter

Independent retailers are bringing new ideas to serve customers and build successful retail businesses, being more nimble but lacking the resources of larger chains. Explore how indies are thinking differently and innovating rapidly.

Transforming Retail #2 – Oliver Banks

In the second of these sessions, join the host, Oliver Banks, as he shares key thoughts, ideas and strategies to help you transform your retail business and operations.

Live Networking Lounge

Connect and meet with other attendees and speakers in the live networking lounge. At the first event, this drew in fantastic feedback.

Fireside Chat: Leading Strategic & Pivotal Change – Tracey Clements with Oliver Banks

Exploring how Tracey has become a leading retailer through leading change, empowering people and pivoting quickly.

Right People, Right Place – Panel: Marcus Davidson, David Payne, Daniel Chamberlain, Nick Pendleton

How Gap Stores Europe revolutionised employee and customer experience by ditching traditional rotas. Hear Gap UK’s transformation journey to replace manual rotas and move to a cutting-edge data-driven automated scheduling solution.

High Streets: What’s Next – Panel: Mark Robinson, Polly Barnfield OBE, Dr Jackie Mulligan, Mete Varas

Are high streets facing a new boom time – or will the current woes spell the end of them? Explore how the social media, independents and places are responding.

Sustainability: Getting Back On Track – Panel: Carl Boutet, Molshree Vaid, Mirvette Russo, Adam Siegel

With the pandemic, the important issue of sustainability has lost momentum. Re-examine the state of sustainability in retail (hint – it’s more than just being environmentally friendly and reducing plastic).

Guerrilla Retail – Renee Harwood-Souza

With a naturally competitive marketplace across multiple channels, retail has become nimble, challenging and brutal. Discover how being agile, adding the element of surprise and thinking unconventionally could be your recipe for success.

Transforming Retail #3 – Oliver Banks

In the third instalment of these short focused sessions, Oliver Banks, will be sharing key ideas and strategies to help you transform retail.

Closing Keynote: The Reinventionist Mindset – Joe Jackman

How do you thrive in the era of disruption? Reinvent. Change is everywhere and accelerating, but our human instinct is to resist it. But, what if we could see change as good? What if change was a force to be embraced?

Networking Drinks, followed by “The After Party”

Virtual Store Tours – Panel: Ian Scott, Jeremey Sea, Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender (Kizer & Bender)

With a global lockdown in place, it can be hard to see what other countries are doing with reopening and getting future fit. Tour the world (virtually of course) to see what’s going on in store.

Winning the Online Experience – Panel: Lee Woodard, Alan Chapman

As ecommerce continues to rise, it’s increasingly important to focus on delivering an excellent online experience. Discover some of the best innovations and important trends from the world wide web.

Fireside Chat: The Fear Of Failure – Steve Dennis with Oliver Banks

This invisible force is often blamed for stopping innovation and transformation. But is it real? And how do we overcome it through individual leadership and through the wider organisation?

Disruptive Thinking – Dr Jackie Mulligan with Oliver Banks

We know of disruption and we’ve all heard about Uber, AirBNB and others. But, how do you actually think creatively and positively about disruption so you can be on the front foot?

Takeaways from the day – Oliver Banks

By this stage, we’ll have spinning heads. Let’s take a few minutes to reflect on key takeaways and get ready to be future fit.

Networking Drinks


Plus, there is a series of On Demand sessions too!

Navigating Uncertainty – Steph Tranter

In this actionable session, you’ll learn 10 steps that you can put in place immediately to help you navigate the uncertain times and build your resilience

Spending Your Payroll More Effectively – Chris McCullough

Discover why your retail operation is like a carefully managed emergency department in a hospital – and why this helps you optimise your payroll spend.

Avoiding Burnout From Remote Working – Renee Harwood-Souza

As we find ourselves getting used to working from home, it’s essential to put into place certain key elements to maintain productivity and avoid burning out – for yourself or your team.

Eliminating Travel In Store – Martyn Jones

As stores become more complex and budgets get squeezed, it’s important to realise operational efficiencies. Discover how you can eliminate one of the biggest process wastes in store.

Focusing On Performance Through Volatile Times – Julian Mills

Successful retail depends on effective management, especially at scale across large territories or countries. But if that management is fractured, how will you stop your business from stumbling?

Making A Positive Intervention – Dr Jackie Mulligan

Whilst some independent retailers have excelled with digital, others have struggled. Hear why now is the time for a positive intervention to break the cycle.

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