Supply chains play a critical part in a retailers ability to operate across multiple channels. But it can be complex to be able to flexibly scale your current operation. However, robotics and AI are more advanced than ever and can help you to expand and quickly and cost-effectively. Your host, Oliver Banks is joined by Mark Messina and Simon Houghton, both of Geek+, to explore the reality of automating your warehouse or distribution centre.

Listen to this episode to discover:

  • How automation can help your warehouse operations.
  • Why now is a great time to automate (even if you have no capital budget).
  • The role of humans in the automated warehouse.
  • The supply chain of 5 years time.

Mark Messina, Geek+Introducing Mark Messina

Mark Messina is COO of Geek+ Americas. He’s responsible for the Western arm of a 900 person Beijing-based multinational startup. He leads an agile global team aimed at improving the fulfillment world with Geek+’s AI enabled autonomous robotic solutions.

He was previously Director of Mechanical Engineering at Amazon Robotics as well as leading robotics initiatives at iHerb, Mattel and other companies.

Connect with Mark Messina on LinkedIn.

Simon Houghton, Geek+Introducing Simon Houghton

Simon Houghton is Senior Sales and Marketing Manager for UK & Ireland at Geek+. Previously, Simon was at automation company, Dematic, as well as a number of other companies focused on improving supply chains, logistics and warehouses.

Connect with Simon Houghton on LinkedIn.





Geek+ robots automating warehouses

Geek+ range or family of robots

The reality of automating your warehouse or supply chain is here. Discover more at or watch more videos on the Geek+ YouTube channel.

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