Purpose is a key theme for retail transformation. Being relevant is a key challenge for retailers who are struggling to inspire or retain customers. Why should they care over the fact that you just “sell stuff.” But, having a “reason for being” inspires both your customers and your retail colleagues. Yet, finding your purpose can be hard. So purpose expert, James Bolle of PRPSFL, joins Oliver Banks to explore why you need a clear purpose. And importantly, he explains how you can find your purpose through simple steps that you can take action right away.

So, listen to this episode of the Retail Transformation Show podcast to hear:

  • What makes a good purpose (and what doesn’t)?
  • 3 questions to help you uncover your purpose or reason for being.
  • Who owns purpose and how should it be used across the organisation?

Plus, you’ll get the next 3 actions to take immediately after listening to help you find your purpose – or assess if an existing purpose is helping you or not.


Introducing James Bolle

James Bolle, PRPSFLJames Bolle is a purpose expert. He’s Captain and founder at PRPSFL (pronounced “purposeful”).

Prior to PRPSFL, James has experience with 10 years in market research and advising global leading brands on customer experiences at InMoment. But, he found himself attempting to answer the eternal question:

“What is it that enables some organisations to create a clear and compelling customer proposition, and inspire their people to deliver it rigorously, and sustain this over time?

All of the answers pointed to purpose – having a reason to exist beyond just making money.

So, James founded PRPSFL in 2019 to inspire people to discover purpose, so they can love work and lead more fulfilling lives:

“The World will be a better place with more Purpose: organisations will be more successful, economies will be more productive, and individuals will be more fulfilled and contribute more to their communities.”
James Bolle

Discover more at prpsfl.com.

Connect with James Bolle on LinkedIn.

More about purpose

As mentioned in the episode, here are some resources to help you go deeper into the subject:

The PRPSFL blog with articles and videos about having and finding a purpose.

Simon Sinek was a large part of the purpose movement with his classic TED Talk, “Start with why.” If you’ve not seen this – you must watch now. And if you have watched it before – take another look to see what perspectives you can gleam on a second watch.

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