As data becomes increasingly important to retailers, the ability to conduct investigations also becomes a major skill. But in retail, sometimes data investigations are carried out in haste and without diligence. So, join Oliver Banks to learn how criminal forensic investigations are carried out. Also explore what lessons and steps retailers can take and apply to their own investigations.

So, listen in to this episode of the Retail Transformation Show podcast and hear:

  • Why retail can learn from criminal forensic investigations.
  • The 7 steps that are carried out by forensic scientists and investigators when working a case.
  • The key lessons that can be transferred across to the world of retail.

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Finding out more about criminal forensic investigations

Without forensic experience, Oliver Banks researched and explored how forensic investigations work before determining if there was scope to take lessons across into the retail industry.

Some of the most useful websites that were researched and used to create this episode include:


Empowering Your CX Journey

2021: The Year To Unify Experiences. Empowering Your CX Journey In RetailOn 23rd February, Oliver Banks will be co-hosting a webinar alongside Yamini Chitturi of Aspire Systems and Mike Kiersey of Dell Boomi. Together, we’ll be exploring how you can empower your customer experience journey through building a single view of your data. Plus, we’ll be exploring how you can actually put this in place around the existing legacy systems that are in use today.

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