Given the complex and cross functional nature of transformation, conversations are a key part of leading successful change initiatives. But we’ve never been taught how to have a real conversation. So Oliver Banks is talking to Lou Banks, founder of Rising Vibe, and exploring how to have a real and meaningful conversation. In this “Bunch of Bankses” episode, learn the tangible and actionable changes that you can make to personally improve.

Listen to this episode of the Retail Transformation Show to hear:

  • What makes a “real” conversation and what gets in the way of having them.
  • How the science of the brain makes us work.
  • What tangible action you can take to immediately impact your conversations.




Introducing Lou Banks

With 25 years of experience in operations and business coaching, Lou Banks is Founder and CEO of Rising Vibe Ltd. Her mission is to support wellbeing and performance by bringing organisational goals and human needs together.

In fact, Lou believes it’s about being ok, with not being ok. That it’s about building trust within organisations so that we feel safe to share how we really feel. And ultimately, it’s about helping people help themselves.

She is an articulate, high energy communicator. Lou gets right to the heart of the issue, unafraid to challenge and quick to inspire, challenging mindset to enhance performance.

Find out more about Lou Banks at the Rising Vibe website.

Also, check out Lou’s recent TEDx talk: Curiosity Cured The Fakeaholic.



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