Retail can be complex and complicated, we do also have a tendency to overcomplicate. So in the face of volatility and periods of radical change, it’s important to focus on essential aspects. The host of the Retail Transformation Show, Oliver Banks, attended Retail Week Live 2022 to learn from retailers and experts about how to navigate the turbulence. In this episode, Oliver reflects on 10 key takeaways from the event and each one can inspire you to change yourself and your organisation.

Listen to this episode to discover:

  • What we often forget about delivering great service.
  • The important question to ask yourself about data.
  • Which technologies will transform the way we shop (and sell!).



10 key reflections from Retail Week Live 2022

  1. Great experience isn’t complicated, and we forget what can make it simple.
  2. Experience your own customer experience.
  3. Own the bad service and make the change.
  4. Recognise that you’re running your own race.
  5. Develop capabilities to fill gaps in your organisation.
  6. Identify the actions and behaviours that create your culture.
  7. Challenge if you are using data and insight effectively.
  8. Open more opportunities through partnerships and collaborations.
  9. Imagery and AR can deliver more personalisation.
  10. The industry is ready for change.

And finally, it’s good to talk! Everyone I spoke to enjoyed catching up with existing contacts plus the chance to get together and connect with other like minded people.

Retail Week Live 2023 is still in the planning but it will undoubtedly be another brilliant event.

Here are highlights from the 2 days, by Retail Week.

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