Smartphones have disrupted physical stores and have enabled customers to check prices and compare products and retailers right from the shop floor. But given these behaviours are now embedded, what are the opportunities to evolve the in store experience through the smartphone. ChargeBox CEO, Ian Hobson, joins Oliver Banks to explore more.

Listen to this episode of the Retail Transformation Show podcast to hear:

  • How the smartphone has disrupted physical retail.
  • The challenges of building experiences around the smartphone.
  • The opportunities of supporting customers with smartphones.
  • What’s the next iteration of mobile-enabled shopping (and living).


Ian Hobson, CEO of ChargeBoxIntroducing Ian Hobson

Ian Hobson is the CEO of Chargebox. He is a former Mechanical Engineer and started his career with Andersen Consulting (now rebranded to Accenture).

He has spent time in the UK and in the US, and has held IT leadership roles with Silicon Valley tech companies and investment banks.

He’s passionate about how technology is changing and evolving retail.

Find out more about Ian Hobson on LinkedIn.

Introducing ChargeBox

ChargeBox is there to solve the problem of low battery for consumers through two types of solutions. Firstly, a locker solution, where you put your phone inside a locker and when you return, you’ve got charge once again, using the latest fast charging technology. They also offer those same fast charging solutions as a “stay and charge” offering. Perhaps you’re at a desk or a coffee table where you can sit down, still use your phone and still get a fast charge again.

Learn more at

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