Change management is a critical topic for successful transformation. However, it’s often a topic which is confused with project management. And it can easily be forgotten or just not considered until the later stages when ready to deploy a change. So in this episode, Oliver Banks speaks with change specialist and author, Simon Costigan, about how to deliver effective change.

Listen to this episode of the Retail Transformation Show to hear:

  • Why it’s important to recognise the change catalyst that will start the process
  • The difference between project management and change management
  • Why transition is important
  • The significance of giving yourself time to think. And the confidence to get it wrong!


Simon CostiganIntroducing Simon Costigan

Simon Costigan is a highly regarded change management professional.  He is the founder of The Change Partner consultancy which supports businesses of all sizes to deliver long-term, sustainable changes through effective strategy planning, governance reporting and leadership.

Simon has worked with some huge companies like Boots and Walgreens, as well as DFS, Wilko and others. Across these companies, Simon has helped them bring change into reality.  Having overseen close working relationships with partners internationally, he’s been able to increase efficiencies by 75% and has overseen large equipment deployments and managed large budgets.

He has recently written a book ‘Change Isn’t What you Find in your Pocket – Effective Change Methods for Delivering Market Leading Results’.  You can purchase a copy or find out more at

You can also connect with Simon Costigan on LinkedIn. Or email him directly at

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