You might think that Amazon need no introduction really. But then you might not realise the intricacies of their business and their strategy. Amazon are a major disruption in the whole retail marketplace. In this episode, find out how Amazon are proactively transforming retail alongside Amazon experts, Natalie Berg and Miya Knights, authors of the new book entitled “Amazon“.

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Introducing Natalie Berg

Natalie Berg is a retail analyst, author and strategist. She has deep industry expertise, with more than 15 years’ experience at Planet Retail where she was Global Research Director as well as holding positions at Kantar Retail. She runs her own consultancy, NBK Retail, focusing on retail strategy and future trends.

Natalie has published research on a number of industry topics including but certainly not limited to: click & collect, loyalty, store of the future, ecommerce, convergence of physical and digital retail, customer experience and of course Amazon. Previously, she’s written a book on Walmart but is now excited to release the new book: Amazon.

Visit NBK Retail, or find Natalie on LinkedIn or Twitter (@natalie_berg).

Introducing Miya Knights

You’ve heard Miya already on the Retail Transformation Show. She was one of my special guests on episode 12.

Miya is the Head of Industry Insight at Eagle Eye Solutions and has a wealth of experience in sharing insight and research for consumer-facing business environments. She specialises in the effective use of technology in large retail businesses and ensuring a great application to digitally enable and enhance the shopping trip.

Plus, she’s the Director of which is a great source of the latest innovations and retail technology that helps to make a meaningful shift to the marketplace.

You can get in touch with Miya on LinkedIn or on Twitter (@mazzaknights).

Pick up a copy of Amazon

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