We recognise that retail is changing. So, the old ways of being successful in a career don’t necessarily ring true any more. Therefore, I’ve asked four expert people to answer the simple question: “what is your best career tip in the challenging and changing retail landscape?” In this episode, Marguerite Bell, Amber Kelly, Gary Pickering and Ian Shepherd join host Oliver Banks to give you a whole load of expert career tips for retail.

In this episode, you’ll discover career tips to help:

  • Stay relevant and up to date.
  • Connect with like-minded people.
  • Get the right advice to steer you in the right direction.
  • Set big goals to propel you forwards.

This episode features short extracts from four successful guests. Plus, I’m asking you to make a promise and to take action.

Marguerite Bell: be passionate and build a tribe

Marguerite Bell is the Founder and Managing Director at Retail Life, based in Australia.

Previously, she’s worked at some of Australia’s biggest retailers and now works as a consultant to help breath new life into the retail environment.

Connect with Marguerite on LinkedIn.

Amber Kelly: network and find great mentors

Amber Kelly is the People & Culture Director at the Post Office, in the UK.

Recently, Amber was awarded with the Leader award at the Barclaycard Everywoman in Retail Awards 2019. In addition, she’s a passionate believer in building postive cultures for team members.

Find out more and connect with Amber on LinkedIn.

Gary Pickering: set big goals and go after them

Gary Pickering is the Director of Sales and Retention at SSE plc, a utilities company.

Also, Gary was another award winner at the Barclaycard Everywoman in Retail Awards 2019. During the awards, he won the Male Mentor award for his ongoing support of women in SSE.

You can find Gary on LinkedIn.

Ian Shepherd: reinvent yourself

Ian Shepherd is the author of Reinventing Retail. Also, he’s held senior roles at a number of great companies, including Odeon, Game, Vodafone and Sky.

If you’re a regular listener to the Retail Transformation Show podcast, then you may recall the excellent episodes that Ian featured on: episode 45: Reinventing Retail For The New Normal (part 1) and episode 46: (part 2).

In fact, extracts from those episodes were also featured in the “Best Bits” on episode 55.

Find Ian on LinkedIn or read his book “Reinventing Retail: The new rules that drive sales and grow profits.”

A promise to take action

In the episode, I mentioned that I wanted you to take action. Let me know which one point you’re going to do. Remember, it doesn’t need to be everything (probably best that it isn’t actually) but it does need to be one thing.

I’d be delighted to know what that one thing is – message me on LinkedIn or just email me to let me know: oliver.banks@obandco.uk.

And if you have any questions, please do reach out and I’d be very happy to help you.

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