Customers have so much choice in today’s retail market. But, we’ve never truly understood why a customer would choose to shop with us rather than a competitor – that perhaps has a very similar proposition or offer. The traditional customer analytics tools and systems don’t give us the answer. So in this podcast episode of the Retail Transformation Show, Richard Hammond and Rocky Howard, co-founders of Uncrowd, are here to explore more. Listen to hear how to understand what’s going on in a shopper’s head so you can learn how to win more customers.

Listen to this episode to discover:

  • The problem that most retailers have with customer analytics tools.
  • Why NPS doesn’t really help you.
  • What “friction debt” is and why it matters.

This is part 1 of the conversation. Part 2 will be covered in episode 69.

Introducing Richard Hammond

Richard is the CEO of Uncrowd, a new company helping retailers to understand the friction in their retail operation and customer journey.

Also, he is the author of Smart Retail which is now in it’s 4th version and published in 17 different languages.

His latest book, Friction / Reward: Be Your Customer’s First Choice is an actionable guide to help you understand how your business works. But from your customer’s perspective. So, in turn, you can design your operation and business to win new and existing customers and beat your competitors.

With 35 years of experience in stores, in head offices and as an external consultant, he enjoys getting under the skin of what makes customers do what they do. This has lead Richard to set up Uncrowd to better understand the friction and reward components across the customer shopping trip.

Find Richard on LinkedIn or on Twitter (@TheseRetailDays).

Introducing Rocky Howard

Rocky Howard is a co-founder and CTO at Uncrowd.

He’s driven and inspired by the new and emerging technologies, which in turn, help create new solutions. He specialises in data design and modelling, system design and analysis. He also recognises the importance of refining user interfaces and experiences to make systems of all sizes inclusive and accessible.

With 25 years of experience, as a systems and data architect, he’s developed solutions for companies like Thomson/Reuters, LSE and GSK.

Find Rocky on LinkedIn.

What is Uncrowd

Uncrowd LogoUncrowd is the startup that Richard Hammond and Rocky Howard are co-founders for. It’s a new way of looking at the customer experience and using the balance of friction and reward to analyse why customers make the decisions that they do.

They introduce a new metric, the Friction / Reward index (or FRi) which aims to tell you how to win customer shopping missions more often. And with more detailed clarity than NPS or other customer metrics.

Find out more at

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