Why do your customers choose you? If you’re looking to improve customer experience but you don’t understand what’s going through your customer’s heads, then you’re only going to be guessing at the best solution. In this podcast episode, Richard Hammond and Rocky Howard, co-founders of Uncrowd, explain how you can discover exactly what will delight your customers. And what will frustrate them. And actually, where they’re just indifferent. Discover how you can start balancing friction and reward to add rocket boosters your CX and in a profitable way too.

Listen in to this episode to discover:

  • Why you’re probably making a mistake about how you look at customers.
  • What is an “uncrowd” and why is that important?
  • Perhaps the biggest breakthrough yet in designing customer experiences.

This is part 2 of my conversation with Richard Hammond and Rocky Howard. For part one, check out: Episode 68: How To Win Customers (part 1).

Introducing Uncrowd

Uncrowd is a startup, founded by Richard Hammond and Rocky Howard.

Watch the video below to hear their origin story about how a simple error has lead to a loyal customer moving away to a different retailer.

We think we know what customers want. But sometimes, the reality isn’t quite what we expect. You could be missing an opportunity or wasting time and money looking at the wrong things. That’s why Uncrowd can be so powerful.

Friction / Reward - Be Your Customer's First Choice, by Richard HammondRichard Hammond, CEO of Uncrowd

Richard Hammond is the CEO and has 35 years of experience in the industry. He’s the author of multiple retail books. Smart Retail is now in it’s 4th version. And his latest book, Friction / Reward: Be Your Customer’s First Choice is the ultimate guide on understanding friction, reward and how to balance them.

Find Richard on LinkedIn or on Twitter (@TheseRetailDays).

Rocky Howard, CTO of Uncrowd

Rocky Howard is the CTO and passionate about defining the uncrowds and balancing off the metrics. He’s the architect of how to make friction/reward indexing possible and interesting. With 25 years of experience as a systems and data architect, he’s previously developed solutions for high profile companies like Thomson/Reuters, LSE and GSK.

Find Rocky on LinkedIn.

Play the Friction / Reward game

As mentioned in the show, there is a game which will really help you understand the opportunities with looking at Friction and Reward. You can play now, for free. In turn, you’ll see how rebalancing the focus could dramatically effect the customer experience and ultimately the fortunes for your company.

Play the Uncrowd modelling game now!

Uncrowd modelling engine - balancing friction and reward characteristics

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