“The customer is always right.” “The customer is king or queen.” But, whilst we talk of customer centricity in retail, very few really achieve this. But to become customer centric it is critical to have a corporate culture that supports and drives this. So in this podcast episode of the Retail Transformation Show, Martin Newman, the Consumer Champion, explores the culture characteristics and changes required to drive this forward.

Listen to this podcast episode to discover:

  • What does it mean to be customer centric.
  • Why empowerment is really needed to be customer centric.
  • Martin’s trading tips for a socially distanced peak or Christmas period.

Introducing Martin Newman

Martin NewmanMartin Newman is the Consumer Champion and founder of the Customer First Group and Customer Service Action. A force for positive change for both consumers and brands, Martin is a board advisor and regularly appears on TV, on radio and in the media.

He’s regularly appearing on television and radio with BBC, Sky, ITV, Channel 5 and LBC. Also, he is quoted in The Times and FT discussing consumer issues in the retail, travel and hospitality sectors and more.

With over 35 years of experience in and around the retail sector, Martin has led multichannel operations for some of the world’s most recognisable retail brands including Burberry, Intersport, Pentland Brands (Speedo, Berghaus), Harrods and Ted Baker.

He’s an author of “100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experience” which was shortlisted for the best business book in 2019.

Finally, he is on the advisory board of Clearpay and a member of the prestigious KPMG IPSOS Retail Think Tank.

Email Martin on Martin@TheCustomerFirstGroup.com

Visit TheCustomerFirstGroup.com or CustomerServiceAction.com

Connect with Martin Newman on LinkedIn

Follow Martin on Twitter (@martinnewman)

Martin was the opening keynote speaker at Retail Transformation Live in July 2020.

The 6Ws

In the episode, Martin shared a framework of 6Ws as a replacement for the classic marketing mix (the 4Ps)

  • Who or Whom are you targeting?
  • Why do they want to buy from you?
  • What do they want to buy?
  • When do they want to buy?
  • Where do they want their order fulfilled?
  • What’s next? (What’s in it for them if they buy from you?)

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