Omnichannel retail is a big trend as consumers increasingly shift their shopping habits. But a lot of confusion exists around words like “omnichannel” and “seamless”. In turn, this can add complexity, overwhelm and friction into the customer experience. Join Oliver Banks and explore why omnichannel doesn’t need to be as complicated as it seems and how you can transform to become a better omnichannel retailer and keep it simple.

So, press play and listen to this episode of the Retail Transformation Show podcast and discover:

  • What is omnichannel retail and why is it so complex.
  • How to combat the complexity around omnichannel retail.
  • How many channels exist in today’s modern retail language.
  • And finally, why you might already be more ready for omnichannel than you realise.


The 22 different channels in modern retail

In the modern retail marketplace, there are 22 types of channel. At least!

  1. Own stores
  2. Franchises
  3. Shop in shops
  4. Pop ups
  5. Own website – both mobile and desktop
  6. Apps
  7. Contact centres
  8. Live chat
  9. Social media – like Facebook and Instagram
  10. Content platforms – like YouTube, TikTok and blogs
  11. Messaging – like Texts, Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat
  12. 3rd party marketplaces – like Amazon and eBay,
  13. Own brand marketplace
  14. Partnerships
  15. Influencers
  16. Events
  17. 121 Video calls
  18. Livestreaming
  19. Emails
  20. Google
  21. VR
  22. AR

…And whatever else evolves too.

Is there something missing – reach out and mention what’s missing. Or have a go at saying them all in one breath!!

Connect with Oliver Banks

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