Digital has undoubtedly transformed retail – and will continue to do so as time marches on. But, in many ways, digital has provided a fog that has confused some retailers and caused them to launch into doing many “digital” things. But this episode’s special guest, Lee Woodard, believes there is a difference between truly “being digital” and just “doing digital.” And this is absolutely critical to understand if you want your retail business to fire effectively into your customers’ lives.

Listen to this episode to discover:

  • The difference between being digital and doing digital.
  • Why D2C brands could be making a mistake by opening physical stores.
  • A critical lesson from Lee Woodard’s background that applied perfectly for retail today.

Lee Woodard headshotIntroducing Lee Woodard

Lee works with retail companies to help them deliver and achieve transformation in their customer experience and in their digital strategy. Lee brings experience at all levels and in both ecommerce and bricks and mortar businesses.

Currently, he is working with Amplience as interim CMO. Previously, he has been CXO (Chief Experience Officer) at Crabtree & Evelyn, sitting on the board and connecting the physical and digital dots within the organisation.

He’s also worked across a variety of other roles. Interestingly, he worked on the charity Comic Relief’s ecommerce proposition back in 1998. So, he’s been at the cutting edge of digital evolution for some time.

And finally, Lee started his career in a field that seems unlikely. But, you’ll have to listen to the episode to discover what that is!

You can get in touch with Lee on LinkedIn or on at Nomi Digital.

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In the episode, Lee mentioned a book. The Revenge of Analog, only by David Sax. This book presents the idea that as we fall into our digitally enabled world, we enjoy harking back to traditional experiences. So, we still have a craving for things “as they once were”. Almost like a form of severe nostalgia.

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Lee also mentioned the Limbic brain. The limbic system is the portion of the brain that deals with three key functions: emotions, memories and stimulation. It includes various glands that can seriously affect and influence how we think. For all things brain related, I always turn to Steph Tranter. She understands psychology and how the brain works. So, if you’ve not already heard it, you might enjoy hearing Steph on the Retail Transformation Show in Episode 57: Building Your Emotional Resilience (part 1) and Episode 58: (part 2).

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