The pandemic caused turbulence for many physical stores. However, as life slowly returns, there are some big opportunities for stores to bounce back. Here to report from his store tour findings, retail consultant, Ian Scott, joins Oliver Banks. So listen now to hear examples of great physical store retailing, including examples from Selfridges, Lush, Primark, Homebase and many more.

Listen to this episode to discover:

  • Why the future is bright for stores.
  • Which retailers are doing an excellent job since reopening.
  • How home improvement retailers are shifting to a convenience and convenient model.
  • And much more!



Introducing Ian Scott

Ian ScottIan Scott is an independent retail consultant, with over 20 years of experience within the retail display sector. Previous work has included design and implementation of retail stores and displays, store research and behavioural psychology. In addition, he monitors global innovation and trends in the retail landscape.

He advises clients on retail strategy, as well as providing insights on global retail trends and innovations. He’s worked with brands like LEGO, Coca-Cola, Dyson, P&G, The Body Shop, Estee Lauder and GSK.

He travels extensively, visiting stores to capture best practice and new innovations within the retail landscape.

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Ian revisited the virtual stage at Retail Transformation Live in July 2021. Joined by Kizer & Bender and Jeremey Sea, they discuss the post pandemic trends from across the world.

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Examples discussed in this episode

Ian Scott shared many examples of stores in this episode of the podcast. But to add some colour, literally, here are images from Ian to bring these to life a little more.

All of these images are copyright of Ian Scott.

Firstly, some surprising scenes from retailers who were not ready for the reopening on 12th April.
Store windows from reopening day on 12th April - old or missing signage

However, Selfridges have injected an element of fun into the shopping trip through their innovative changing room design.
Selfridges using changing room design to inspire and intrigue customers

Lush have refreshed one of their London stores, bringing in features and aspects that have been trialed in other parts of the UK and overseas.
Lush's store refresh shows constant evolution, bringing newness and remarkability

Meanwhile, Levi Strauss have opened a brand building flagship store in London.
Levi's new flagship demonstrating the brand effectively

And finally, Microsoft decided to close all of their stores worldwide. But instead, they have repurposed and reopened some into experience centres, including the London store on Oxford Circus.
Microsoft's London flagship repurposed to a showroom model

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