Department stores retailers have been polarised in performance. As some have achieved huge successes, others have struggled as digital channels have grown. So, is there still a place in the retail market for the classic “department store”? In this episode, special guest Cate Trotter of Insider Trends joins to explore the future of department stores.

Listen to this episode to discover:

  • What does the term “relationship platform” mean? And hear how it relates to department stores.
  • Which retailer has successfully reinvented a business model for department stores?
  • And why department stores and landlords can learn from each other.


Cate TrotterIntroducing Cate Trotter

Cate Trotter is the Head of Trends at Insider Trends, a retail innovation and optimisation consultancy. She’s worked with brands like Chanel, Galeries Lafayette, Levi’s, Tesco, Swarovski and many others.

She’s scouted stores around the world and delivered retail safaris from Mexico City to Tokyo. In turn, this has given Cate a first-hand understanding of what works… and what doesn’t!

Plus, she’s been named a top global retail influencer for the past 5 years.

You can find out more at Or email Cate at

And of course, you can find Cate Trotter on LinkedIn.

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