High levels of returns can impact the overall performance of retailers. And there are many reasons why returns continue to present such a complex challenge for the entire industry. But without understanding these challenges, it’ll be impossible to find a solution. In this episode of the Retail Transformation Show podcast, the host and retail consultant, Oliver Banks, explores the returns conundrum facing retail. Plus, pick up an action plan to help you monitor, control and manage the challenge.

So, listen to this episode and you’ll hear:

  • What characteristics make returns hard for supply chains and reverse logistics.
  • Why Stitchfix are the benchmark for returns – and what they are doing minimise the impact of returns.
  • 3 new smart ways to overcome retail’s return problem.


Reach out to Oliver Banks via email: oliver.banks@obandco.uk. Or alternatively, reach out to connect on LinkedIn.

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136: Understanding The Circular Economy with Karen Bendell- The Retail Transformation Show with Oliver Banks

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Plus, be sure to subscribe to the Retail Transformation Show in your usual podcast app and look out for episode 150, coming on 6th September.


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