Storytelling has arguably become an overused buzzword in marketing. But the principles of story are still fantastic for aligning and motivating teams and change initiatives. To help us understand more, Oliver Banks catches up with master storyteller, and Marvel comic writer, B.Earl. Listen and discover how you can uncover elements of a story to make your mission bigger and more relevant for customers and colleagues.

Listen now to discover:

  • What retail can learn from a Spiderman writer – and cavemen!.
  • Why your story must focus on what’s at stake.
  • How the metaverse can help bring your brand story to life.
  • And what would retail look like if it was a comic book?


Introducing B. Earl

B.Earl is a Marvel comic writer and early adopter of the metaverse and NFTs.

Along with his creative partner, Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas, they started their company, SkyView Way Studios, in 2019. They have projects with Cartoon Network and Gaumont. Prior to this, B.Earl worked on the AR/VR/Graphic Novel, MASTERS OF THE SUN, with and the Black Eyed Peas.

B.Earl has been heavily involved with community building in Hollywood, having founded the largest and longest-lasting networking group for professionals in comic books/film/animation called Comic Book Sunday. He also founded JamNation, an LA music collective, that gathers for a monthly open jam at the legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill.

Deadly Neighbourhood Spiderman, by B.Earl & Taboo, Copyright Marvel

(C) Marvel. Written by B.Earl & Taboo. Cover by Rahzzah.

After learning about blockchain in late 2017, B.Earl worked with Millennium Media on developing an NFT-driven gaming project based on the UNDISPUTED film series. The project was a few years ahead of its time since most of the blockchain community was still very focused on cryptocurrency. However, B.Earl never gave up the ideas he learned in developing that project as well as the relationships he gained, and he now is a founder of the NFT series, Chiwawows. In addition, he now has two other NFT series in development.

And with an eye on the future of how storytelling and community will affect web3 growth, B.Earl is focused on bringing his experiences and abilities to those that are new to the space. Currently, he is consulting with the high-end collectable brand Sideshow, developing and implementing their digital strategy.

Chiwawows NFT collection - from B.Earl

Discover more about B.Earl

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