There is much hype about retail and the metaverse at present. But to understand more, we can learn from the gaming industry where computer games have been forging their own worlds for decades. So you can learn from Hilmar Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games, known most for their flagship game, EVE Online. Join Oliver Banks and explore the collision of retail and gaming (and life) – plus the opportunities it presents you with.

Listen to this episode of the Retail Transformation Show to hear:

  • Examples of how the gaming and retail industries can learn from each other.
  • The power of community that games create.
  • Why games can be so immersive.


Introducing Hilmar Pétursson

Hilmar Pétursson, CEO CCP GamesHilmar Pétursson is CEO of CCP Games. He’s been working in and around the metaverse for over 2 decades. And he’s led the creation of the EVE Online universe from inception, initially as Chief Technical Officer in 2003, and as CEO since 2004.

Under Hilmar’s management CCP’s critically acclaimed sciencefiction game EVE Online pioneered concepts like player-driven digital economies, democratically elected community governments, and free-to-play mechanics long before they became commonplace in the industry. EVE Online, as the largest living work of science fiction, has been celebrating over 17 consecutive years of continuous growth in subscriber engagement with no sign of slowing down.

Prior to joining CCP in 2000, he served as the CTO of SmartVR, an spin-off based on that company’s multi-user virtual reality
technology. In addition, he is active on boards and committees relating to Icelandic information technology and innovation.

Introducing CCP Games

CCP Games are an Iceland based video game developer. They’re most commonly known for EVE Online – a space based MMO (massively multiplayer online game).

In EVE Online, players become a space pilot and can explore far-reaching corners of the universe. And in the game, you can make a huge number of decisions. From what you wear and look like, through to how you spend your time, and from the corporations or groups that you belong to, and even the career that you take.

Find out more about CCP Games or EVE Online.

CCP Games's Mission - To Create Virtual Worlds More Meaningful Than Real Life

With thousands of concurrent players, EVE Online presents a metaverse where people can learn skills, build relationships and create their own destiny. The community aspect of being part of a navy or corporation earns player loyalty and commitment.

Players get the chance to reimagine and control how they are perceived in the virtual world. And online retail in the EVE Online universe is a great opportunity for CCP Games to help players achieve their ideal persona.

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