We continue to face a volatile world that provides more and new challenges for us and for our industry. So, to become more resilient to these challenges we must plan for multiple scenarios. But these can be difficult, inconvenient and uncomfortable for us – so we tend to not do this. So, in this podcast episode, Dr Jackie Mulligan joins to explore the why and how disruptive and creative thinking will get you prepared for the future of retail in 2021 and beyond.

So, listen to this podcast to discover:

  • Why futurologists are often interesting but wrong.
  • How you can foresee multiple futures.
  • The key to keeping yourself creative to think of different possibilities.


Dr Jackie Mulligan - CEO and Founder of ShopAppy.comIntroducing Jackie Mulligan

Dr Jackie Mulligan is CEO and founder of ShopAppy.com – helping local businesses showcase and sell their products or services online.

Previously, Jackie was a Principal Lecturer and Director of Enterprise in Leeds. Plus, she has a PhD in social psychology and creativity. Her doctoral research into experience, psychology and behaviour helped her discover the importance of mental health and wellbeing. As a result, she has a deep understanding of the thought processes required for innovation, creativity and disruptive thinking.

Additionally, Jackie has been a communications director and consultant in the Caribbean focusing on topics as diverse as business development, tourism and public health awareness. Finally, she has also worked for a lottery body managing funding decisions, programmes, events and communications for towns and cities across the UK.

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Scenario planning matrix

During this episode, two questions were asked.

  1. Will we do more or less shopping online
  2. Will we do more or less shopping in physical stores

These answers form a 2×2 matrix as detailed below, with each of the categories explained.

Shop more or less online and shop more or less in physical stores

You must accept and even get comfortable with the idea of each quadrant.Try asking yourself these questions:

  • What do you like? And what do you dislike?
  • What are the difficulties or challenges in each quadrant?
  • Also consider, what are the new requirements or rules?
  • What products and services would not be popular in this future scenario?
  • And what products and services would be very popular?
  • Plus, what brand new products and services would be possible?
  • Ultimately consider, what are the opportunities?

In turn, you can explore actions and opportunities for each potential future. This will help you become more resilient and adaptable for any of the possible events that unfold.

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