2020 has tested our individual and collective resolve. And mental health is becoming increasingly important to all of us. But, with many retailers continuing to face a variety of different challenges, this period isn’t over yet. So, in this episode, Dr Jackie Mulligan of ShopAppy.com joins Oliver Banks to explore how you can take small steps to forge a better future.

So, listen to this episode to discover:

  • If it’s possible to get out of the chaotic present.
  • Small changes you can make to help your mental health.
  • How purpose can help guide your decisions.
  • What are the key elements to forging a better future for our world?

Introducing Dr Jackie Mulligan

Dr Jackie Mulligan - CEO and Founder of ShopAppy.comDr Jackie Mulligan is founder and CEO of ShopAppy.com – a platform that enables local businesses to showcase and sell products or services online.

She is a passionate and professional speaker, writer and creative specialist. And Jackie has used her years of experience in events, destinations, retail and communications to develop ShopAppy.

Previously, Jackie was a Principal Lecturer and Director of Enterprise in Leeds. Her doctoral research into experience, psychology and behaviour helped her discover the importance of place on mental health and wellbeing. Now, she understands how shopping locally can positively impact consumer happiness.

Find Jackie Mulligan on LinkedIn

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Also in the episode, Jackie mentioned this article that she’d written: Browsing e-commerce is the new (old) thing.

About ShopAppy.com

ShopAppy encourages customers to shop locally by making it easier for everyone involved. Customers can easily browse, book and buy from local shops in nearby villages, towns and cities. Plus, it’s quick and simple for retailers to get active and start selling their products and services.

But, since the Covid-19 outbreak, the platform has adapted by offering delivery services and free registration for local businesses. It’s also now available in over 100 towns and cities in the UK. Finally, ShopAppy was named as one of the Top 40 Digital Retail Innovations by Retail Insider.

Find out more at ShopAppy.com.

Disruptive Thinking workshop – from Retail Transformation Live (July 2020)

Ask Oliver Banks about the Retail Transformation Coaching programme

Retail is facing huge disruption. But key people in retail businesses aren’t necessarily skilled or experienced in change and transformation. So you must transform those that are meant to be delivering your transformation.

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