Ranging and curation have always been key skills for retailers. But with the rise in ecommerce, the biggest range is not always the best. And curation can be a critical skill that transforms how your customer sees you and your brand. And fast fashion retailers are reinventing the whole product innovation space to drastically accelerate time to market and growth. To uncover how ranging, curation and new product development can drive your business, Oliver welcomes experienced merchant, Liza Amlani, to share more.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The single most important metric for range success.
  • How ultra-fast fashion retailers have been able to transform their ways of working.
  • What limits the extent to which customer feedback is used.


Introducing Liza Amlani

Liza Amlani - The Merchant Life

Liza Amlani is a retail industry veteran with 25 years of experience. She works with global retailers, brands and retail tech companies to help them achieve dramatic business growth. This list includes many familiar brands including Holt Renfrew, Ralph Lauren Europe and Canada, Club Monaco, Nike, Columbia and Walmart.

In 2020, Liza founded Retail Strategy Group. Additionally, she shares her thought leadership in her monthly newsletter, The Merchant Life. Founders, VP’s and C-Suite executives subscribe to gain valuable insights and discover best practices.

Liza is also a Talkdesk Retail Industry Advisory Board member and is on the board for WOCRA, Women of Color Retail Alliance. She is a respected voice on a variety of pertinent topics and is cited in Forbes, RetailWire, Retail Insider, Bloomberg, Chain Store Age, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Sourcing Journal and Footwear News. She speaks at retail conferences and often guest lectures at top Business schools across the country.

Liza has also recently been named one of RETHINK Retail’s Top Influencers for 2022 and 2023.

You can find her on all social platforms under @themerchantlife, or connect with Liza Amlani on LinkedIn.

Also, subscribe to her newsletter: The Merchant Life.

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