Customer experience drives future loyalty. But understanding what your current customers feel is hard. And market research surveys like NPS (Net Promoter Score) don’t give you sufficient information on what’s working and what’s not. So TruRating’s Brian Dennis, a leading CX voice, joins Oliver Banks to explore how you can improve how you listen to what your customers actually think about your experience and operations.

Listen to this episode of the Retail Transformation Show podcast to hear:

  • What retailers should be doing to boost their experience.
  • How to determine if your operating model is being delivered in reality.
  • Why you need to understand if customers are satisfied or highly satisfied.


Introducing Brian Dennis

Known as “the customer service guy,” Brian is internationally recognised as a customer service innovator and trend forecaster. He’s an enigmatic keynote speaker and

He is now the Global Head of Retail Strategy at TruRating. Previously, he was VP of Customer Experience at Kohl’s department stores and has held roles at Albertsons and SMG (Service Management Group).

Brian is author of two books. His most recent is titled, “If the Customer’s the Copilot, You’re in the Wrong Seat: Innovative Yet Simple Strategies to Elevate Your Customer’s Experience”. In this book, Brian offers suggestions to elevate CX by simplifying complex topics. And in turn, you can re-imagine how to meet your company’s future customer service needs. His first book was: “Winning at the Front-Line: Lessons in Creating the Ultimate Service Environment”

Connect with Brian Dennis on LinkedIn.

Introducing TruRating

TruRating is a simple way of collecting vast amounts of customer feedback. By asking a single, simple question on the payment terminal, you can gather intel about the experience that your customers are having, in the heat of the moment. Questions can be targeted to specific types of customer, as well as on particular baskets or products. In addition, you tailor the questions to the topics that are most of interest to you.

And find out more about TruRating.

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