The podcast for giving you the insight, the ideas and the inspiration that will help you to effectively deliver changes and transformation to your retail operation and business

The Retail Transformation Show is a weekly podcast. Each week, in 30 minutes or less, you’ll hear a mix of solo-shows with myself, Oliver Banks, as well as interviews with other retail and change experts and specialists.

You’ll take away:

  • Unique perspectives and greater awareness of what’s going on in the retail market
  • Ways to build your “A team” to transform your retail business
  • Fresh, new ideas and opportunities to grasp with both hands
  • Actionable strategies and tactics to apply to your business and improve retail
  • Motivation to help you drive your retail transformation to success

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094: Find And Fix Customer Frustration

Customer experience (CX) is an ongoing hot topic but we neglect and ignore the frustrations that irritate customers and turn them into detractors and into the hands of competitors. Listen to this podcast episode with Oliver Banks to discover the root causes of customer frustration and how to find and fix the frustrations that your customers face.

093: Rethinking Silos

Lots of people talk about organisational silos being bad – but have you given thought about why they are bad? What if they’re actually a good thing? In this podcast episode, join Oliver Banks and see what life would be like if no silos existed. From there, learn the steps that will make your company more effective!

092: Automating Your Warehouse

Supply chains play a critical part in a retailers ability to operate across multiple channels. But it can be complex to be able to flexibly scale your current operation. In this podcast episode, Mark Messina and Simon Houghton, both of Geek+, to explore the reality of automating your warehouse or distribution centre.

091: 10Ps To Transform Retail (part 2)

With retail in 2020 being so challenging, it’s critical to be transforming into the best version of your business. But, with navigating and selling in different channels, deploying new technologies and with so many different and unconnected changes, it can be difficult. So, join Oliver Banks in the 2nd part where you can explore 10 “P’s” to help guide your transformation.

090: 10Ps To Transform Retail

With increased pressure in the retail industry, it’s essential to ensure that your retail business and operation is transforming and evolving to stay relevant and fit. In this podcast episode, Oliver Banks lays out a series of “10 P”s (these are in addition to the classic 4Ps of Marketing) to help you transform retail and ensure that you’re considering all elements.

089: Previewing Retail Transformation Live (July 2020)

As the retail industry continues to reopen, Retail Transformation Live is returning. It's the virtual conference that you need to help you transform retail. With a stellar line up of speakers attending to share plenty of golden nuggets and the opportunity to network,...

088: The Reinventionist Mindset (part 2)

In the book ‘The Reinventionist Mindset,’ the author Joe Jackman tells us that “Change is hard yet essential. Everything tends to work out if you get good at it.” In this is the second installment of the conversation with Joe Jackman, founder of Jackman Reinvents, you will hear the most important mindset for change. And importantly, how you can make that happen.

087: The Reinventionist Mindset (part 1)

Right now, we’re seeing change accelerate in all areas of life, but especially in retail. Many retailers are needing to reinvent and evolve. But, we often resist change, transformation and reinvention. Instead, we prefer the perceived predictability of the status quo. But what if change was a good thing? Business reinvention expert, Joe Jackman, explores the critical need for reinvention and the Reinventionist Mindset.

085: The Psychology Of Change

Effective change management is critical to delivering your transformation. To best help people accept the change, you must understand the psychology of the how people react and respond to change. In this podcast episode, consumer and business psychologist, Zana Busby of Retail Reflections, joins to explore more about the emotions and psychology of change – and what you can do about it.

084: Being Remarkable In Adversity (part 2)

One of the biggest risks of transforming a retail business is not to actually transform. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many businesses follow this route to ruin in recent times. So, in this podcast episode, the special guest is Steve Dennis, author of Remarkable Retail: How to win and keep customers in the age of digital disruption. Steve shares some of the opportunities and threats facing legacy retailers and what to do about it.

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