Retail continues to evolve at pace and retailers must continue to transform. So, in celebration of the podcast’s 2nd birthday, we’re reviewing the best bits from the past 12 months. This is part 2 and you’ll hear expert opinion, strategies, tips and tactics and advice from the host, Oliver Banks, and a number of the special guests who have joined the Retail Transformation Show. Listen now to the best bits, highlights and golden nuggets that featured over the previous episodes.

Listen in to this podcast episode to hear:

  • Why project could make you your customer’s favourite shop.
  • Why people reject change and why change management is tough.
  • Loads more golden nuggets from the past 12 months.
  • And even some of the funny bits too.


This is the second part of the best bits episodes. Be sure to check out the first part in episode 106: The Best Bits From The Second Year Of The Podcast (Part 1).

Which were your favourite episodes or best bits from past episodes of the Retail Transformation Show podcast?

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Oliver Banks: Customer obsession is a whole company commitment

“Customer obsession isn’t just one thing. It’s many, many changes. And it’s all over the organisation. You can’t be truly customer obsessed in just one team, in just one department or as just one individual who is there championing the customer across the whole organisation. If that’s the case, then there is going to be lots of infighting. And that certainly isn’t customer focused or customer obsessed.”

081: Becoming Customer Obsessed - The Retail Transformation Show with Oliver Banks

This clip was from episode 81: Becoming Customer Obsessed.

Martin Newman: Think of profit centres, not cost centres

“[I talk to businesses], and when I ask them about their contact centre, the customer service side of their business, it’s almost always viewed as a cost centre – and not a profit centre. So we are looking at the “cost to serve” rather than the “benefit to serve”. And I think that’s where it all falls down.”

097: Customer Centric Cultures with Martin Newman - The Retail Transformation Show with Oliver Banks

Check out episode 97: Customer Centric Cultures for the full conversation with Martin Newman.

Also, as mentioned in the episode, here is Martin’s opening keynote from Retail Transformation Live (from July 2020).

Oliver Banks: Frustrations stem from a failure of the operating model

“[Frustrations] get missed all of the time. None of these problems are difficult to fix….. But if you are falling down on these very basic elements, then that is a recipe for disaster. In these situations, the retailer has set and then broken the expectation of the customer.”

094: Find And Fix Customer Frustrations - The Retail Transformation Show with Oliver Banks

This was a clip from episode 94: Find And Fix Customer Frustration.

Steve Collinge: Think of your customer’s projects – and help them with that

“Let’s take a decking project. You’ve got decking in one part of the store. Bought by one buyer. You’ve got decking stain in a different part of the store, bought by different buyer. And you’ve got weed control products. Again, different part of the store, different buyer. We are structured and we target our buying teams as retailers functionally by category. And therefore when we need to share space to actually deliver this project solution, it becomes a huge category problem. Because the decking buyer doesn’t want to use up any of his/her space for the decking stain because, quite frankly, that decking stain buyer is going to take some of the benefit from that.”

So, you can listen to the full conversation with Steve Collinge in episode 77: Transformation In Home Improvement.

Michael Grange: As a retailer, what are you looking to achieve?

retailers look at themselves, they do have to think about what lens they’re looking at themselves through. Are they looking to just be a pure play retailer? And is that just in bricks and mortar? Are they going to have an online presence or are they going to offer something else, too, to the wider sector?

099: How To Use Retail Technology Effectively with Michael Grange - The Retail Transformation Show with Oliver Banks

Take a listen to the conversation with Michael Grange in episode 99: How To Use Retail Technology Effectively.

Oliver Banks – Retail is such an important part of people’s lives

“[On retail] it’s both complicated and simple to do retail. On the face of it is very, very simple. But when you get into the nitty gritty, it’s insanely complicated.”

100: The 100th Episode with Guest - The Retail Transformation Show with Oliver Banks

And you can listen in to the rest of episode 100: The 100th Episode now.

Zana Busby: Humans are not good at predicting outcomes with certainty

“So depending on the type of change, it’s also true that the risks involved with the change and we are not always ready to accept those risks, even though they may never materialise. Our mind imagines. Our mind wants to forecast the future. But that’s not always reliable.”

085: The Psychology Of Change with Zana Busby - The Retail Transformation Show with Oliver Banks

So, tune in to podcast episode 85: The Psychology Of Change with Zana Busby

Simon Hedaux: Leadership behaviours forge the customer experience

“So the brand promise stuff linked back to the behaviours is where people have taken the joa normal week to the next level.B description and then what are you doing or supposed to do in the week or “

079: Retail Store Management Structures with Simon Hedaux - The Retail Transformation Show with Oliver Banks

Be sure to check out the complete conversation in episode 79: Retail Store Management Structures.

Mark Messina (and Simon Houghton): You need to intimately know your customers

“So knowing the customer, essentially knowing what they’re going to order before they do, so you can have it there means that you can make that same day delivery.”

092: Automating Your Warehouse with Mark Messina and Simon Houghton - The Retail Transformation Show with Oliver Banks

This clip was taken from episode 92: Automating Your Warehouse with the team from Geek+.

Also, read the market report from Geek+, written by Oliver Banks, looking at how you can Unleash Your Supply Chain and overcome the bottlenecks in your operation.Unleashing Your Supply Chain - Market Report

Clare Bailey & Roger Smith: Differentiation is what matters to create destination

“Obviously, though, if you look at the history of our high streets going back over even three hundred years, they have always been the social hub of a place, whether they have been supplying retail, in terms of food products and so on and so forth, or whether they’re providing social in terms of the more modern experience of coffee shops. They have always been part of a community and I think they always will be.” (Clare Bailey)

“But quite often, shopping is surrounded with elements. Perhaps it’s an element of socialising or relaxing or even a family event. So it might be a bit of shopping, followed by a meal and cinema or there is a whole mix of things. So, you know, I think that High Street will struggle to a certain degree. We’re going to see some further losses. But, I think will always be there for us.” (Roger Smith)

086: The Future Of High Streets with Clare Bailey and Roger Smith- The Retail Transformation Show with Oliver Banks

Listen to the podcast with Clare Bailey and Roger Smith in episode 86: The Future Of High Streets.

Oliver Banks: It’s unlikely to find a single silver bullet

“Look macro and micro. And really you want to be looking at different levels of the organisation. So looking at a big picture and then zooming down into different parts of the organisation guided by the data behind the cost base. And also your gut instinct as well.”

098: Operational Cost Savings - The Retail Transformation Show with Oliver Banks

And finally, check out the full podcast, episode 98: Retail Operational Cost Savings.

Catch up on the first part of the best bits

So, if you enjoyed this podcast, be sure to catch up on the first part too in episode 106: The Best Bits From The Second Year Of The Podcast (Part 1).

106: The Best Bits From The Second Year Of The Podcast (part 1) - The Retail Transformation Show with Oliver Banks



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