We’ve seen huge shifts in the retail marketplace and as a result, there are now aspects that must fit in the modern retail operating model. This episode was recorded at the virtual event, Retail Transformation Live, so join Oliver Banks to explore further. You’ll learn about 8 elements to build into your retail operating model. Plus, also hear special guest appearances from Gary Newbury and Jeffrey Roberts.

Listen to this episode and hear:

  • The vast range of what people mean by “operating model.”
  • How the operating model relates to strategy.
  • 8 elements to build into your modern operating model.
  • Builds and reflections from 2 special guests.



This episode was recorded live at Retail Transformation Live. If you have not yet caught up with the whole event, there is still time. Register or login to watch the on demand replays.

Special guest appearances

As this episode was recorded live, it was brilliant to welcome 2 special guests to the show.

Gary Newbury

Gary has developed an international reputation for developing and executing supply chain designs which consistently deliver shareholder and consumer value. He helps boards and business leaders to be more agile, innovative and digital across the “make-move-sell” flow of manufacturing, 3rd party logistics, wholesaling, retailing & the last mile.

Gary is a sought after thought leader, facilitator, speaker, podcaster and trainer in “end to end retail supply chains & the last mile” by many professional bodies. He was recently awarded with Supply Chain Canada’s “Top 40 Immigrants impacting on Supply Chains” and recognised for his creative thinking via CITT’s “2020 Innovator Award”. Finally, Gary was also recognised as one of “Rethink Retail’s Top 100 Global Retail Influencers 2021”.

Jeffrey Roberts

Jeffrey Roberts is a Director at Alchemmy where he leads the Retail & Consumer and Growth Advisory practices.

A specialist in operating model design, he works with clients to bring new companies and products to market, design organisations for growth into new categories, and help businesses to protect and expand their market positions.

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