Digital shopping is a convenient way of browsing but struggles with discovery and inspiration. But new technology enabled solutions are helping to offer alternatives. Explore the art of the possible with Oliver Banks in this episode, See how the different shopping elements can fit together. Meanwhile understand what’s needed in your operating model and infrastructure to put this in place.

Listen to this episode of the Retail Transformation Show podcast to discover:

  • The digital shopping innovations that are showing us the way forward.
  • What’s special about digital platforms vs physical stores?
  • And what do you need to consider to put these in place?
  • Plus – what could be the next big evolution?


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Great examples of digital shopping

During the episode, there were several examples of how digital shopping is evolving. And in particular, how this evolution is happening now. It’s not conceptual or brainstorms, this is happening now.

The Etsy House

Visit to explore the virtual home and browse the curated range for yourself.

Charlotte Tilbury virtual shopping

Charlotte Tilbury partnered with Red Ant to be able to offer great live shopping virtual consultations and offer consultative sales opportunities and the chance to build a basket together.

Gucci digital showroom

Gucci invested in a dark store specifically for supporting live streaming and video consultations.

Gucci's Digital Showroom

Augmented reality in retail

There are plenty of examples of augmented reality in retail. Here are some of the highlights from 10 of the best examples, including Apple, Nike and Ikea:

There are many use cases of AR or 3D modelling that are helping customers all over the world explore and discover products from the convenience of their armchair. This is‘s 3D model of a Toyota Tundra.

Cat interior from

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