We know retail is ever-evolving and had experienced huge change. But as we kick start a new year, 2022, join Oliver Banks to understand what retail trends and developments a select group of other retail podcasters and influencers are excited about. Plus what pitfalls and dangers should retailers be watching out for as we embark on the next stage of the retail rollercoaster? Listen now to find out and discover the common thread. Featuring retail trends in 2022 from Michael LeBlanc, Anne Mezzenga, Chris Walton, Scott Thompson and Simon Hedaux.

Press play now and hear:

  • What is the most exciting retail technology?
  • And what do you need to be careful about with this technology?
  • Plus hear other key trends for retail in 2022.
  • What is the vehicle that can help you navigate these trends and watch-outs?



Introducing 5 special guests

Michael LeBlancMichael LeBlanc

Michael LeBlanc is a Canadian retail expert. He brings 20+ years of executive and front-line retail experience, especially in brand development, marketing, promotions, CRM and e-Commerce. Offering unique perspective, he’s known as the “Voice of Retail” in Canada. He provides strategic advisory services as well as more tactical based consulting, using his experience to help local, national and international retail businesses alike.

Also, Michael is the host of the Voice of Retail podcast, the Remarkable Retail podcast with Steve Dennis and more.

Discover more about Michael at MELeBlanc.co.

Chris Walton & Anne Mezzenga

Chris Walton

Chris and Anne are the founders of OmniTalk – the blog, podcast and video series.

Firstly, Chris Walton is a leading expert and influencer in omnichannel retailing with 20 years of experience across nearly every area of the industry. Previously, he was Target’s Vice President of the Store of the Future along with other previous roles at Target.com and Gap Inc. He is a speaker, a senior contributor for Forbes, and sits on the Advisory Board for Delivery Solutions and Xenia Retail.

Anne Mezzenga

Meanwhile, Anne Mezzenga was most recently the Head of Marketing and Partnerships for Target’s Store of the Future project. Early in her career, Anne worked as a producer for advertising agencies, Martin Williams and Fallon. Also, she was a producer and reporter for news affiliates NBC New York and KMSP Minneapolis. Anne is an avid health and wellness evangelist, owning and operating two bustling fitness and wellness facilities.

Discover more at OmniTalk.blog.

Also check out the Forbes article that Chris mentioned in the episode: 5 Trends Retailers May Not See Coming Until It Is Too Late.

Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson

Scott is the founder and editor for RTIH – the Retail Tech Innovation Hub. RTIH is the UK based retail technology news and innovation blog which launched in 2017. Scott has now been writing about the retail industry for over 20 years. And over this time, he held senior editorial positions at a number of businesses and technology-related publications.

So with RTIH, Scott aims to deeper into stories by talking to retailers, tech suppliers, trade associations, analysts and consultants. And all with the aim of exploring the industry topics that really matter.

Discover more at RetailTechInnovationHub.com.


Simon Hedaux

Simon Hedaux

Simon Hedaux is the founder of Rethink Productivity. After spending many years working in retail, productivity and workforce management, Simon spotted a gap in the market. He found that there although there were plenty of companies able to conduct Time and Motion studies and plenty of businesses that could measure performance, not many could do it all AND provide detailed insight into the productivity and efficiency of their business.

Also, Simon hosts the Rethink Productivity podcast.

Discover more at RethinkProductivity.co.uk.

Plus, Simon has also featured on several episodes of the Retail Transformation Show. In particular, check out episodes 137 to 141 for the podcast mini-series, “Simplification Stories”. In these episodes, Simon Hedaux and Oliver Banks explore simplification and incremental transformation in more detail.

Get in touch with Oliver Banks

If you want to discuss how to accelerate and transform your operating models in 2022, reach out to Oliver Banks by email on oliver.banks@obandco.uk or send him a LinkedIn message.

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