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The Retail Transformation Show is a weekly podcast. Each week, in 30 minutes or less, you’ll hear a mix of solo-shows with myself, Oliver Banks, as well as interviews with other retail and change experts and specialists.

You’ll take away:

  • Unique perspectives and greater awareness of what’s going on in the retail market
  • Ways to build your “A team” to transform your retail business
  • Fresh, new ideas and opportunities to grasp with both hands
  • Actionable strategies and tactics to apply to your business and improve retail
  • Motivation to help you drive your retail transformation to success

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078: Reviewing Retail in 2020 Predictions

So far, 2020 has been off-plan and unpredictable. So, in this episode of the Retail Transformation Show podcast, Oliver Banks revisits the 6 predictions that were originally made and highlights 6 new themes to forecast the rest of 2020 in the wake of the coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic. Discover which elements of retail transformation, if any, are relevant in the new normal that we find ourselves in.

077: Transformation In Home Improvement

Many retail sectors have seen huge disruption in recent years. However, the home improvement and garden sectors have been less impacted than other areas of the retail industry. Home improvement expert, Steve Collinge, MD of the Insight Retail Group, explores how this sector has changed and previews how disruption could significantly shift everything in just a few years. And it all stems from understanding what your customers are trying to achieve.

076: Communication Lessons From Covid-19 Lockdown

We’re experiencing the biggest transformation that any of us have ever seen. As half of the world gets locked down at home, Oliver Banks looks at the communications strategies and plan used to deliver this huge change. Plus, he pulls key lessons that can be transferred to a retail transformation or change initiative and arms you with a communications model to make sure your message lands well.

075: Retail Transformation Live – My Takeaways

Having just put on a brand new virtual conference in a matter of days, Oliver Banks reflects on his experience with hosting Retail Transformation Live. He explores why he's optimistic about the future, why digital networking could be the future and why key values are...

074: How Covid-19 Will Change Retail

We thought retail was tough and evolving. Then the worldwide coronavirus pandemic hit. And now, in the midst of this crisis, we are seeing even more changes and impacts to the retail industry. But after Covid-19 subsides, how will retail change and what does that mean for your retail operation. Oliver Banks explores 4 ways that this virus will have a lasting impression on the retail market.

073: Leading Transformation Remotely

With more companies battling the coronavirus by encouraging people to work from home, the way that we lead and manage transformation also needs to evolve. In this episode, Oliver Banks explores the tips that you need to effectively manage change projects and programmes from home or remotely.

072: Being Digital vs. Doing Digital

Digital has transformed retail – and will continue to do so. But, in many ways, digital has provided a fog that has confused some retailers and caused them to launch into doing many “digital” things. But this episode’s special guest, Lee Woodard, believes there is a difference between truly “being digital” and just “doing digital” – and this is critical to understand.

071: 10 Biggest Strategy Mistakes

With our current and continuing challenging market, it’s important for retailers to build the right strategy. It’s an essential part of the transformation journey as your transformation should be aligned to deliver that strategy. But there are many commonly made mistakes with strategy, so in this episode, discover my 10 big strategy mistakes that you must avoid.

070: Working Effectively With Suppliers

With the world of retail changing so much, it’s increasingly important to be able to create effective relationships between retailers and their suppliers – particularly when collaboration is needed to make the operation work and perform. In this episode, experienced retailer and now MD of Openpay in the UK, Andy Harding, explains what can be done to make this relationship more successful.

069: How To Win Customers (part 2)

Why do customers choose you? If you’re looking to improve customer experience and you don’t understand the logic that customers make, then you’re only going to be guessing at the solution. Richard Hammond and Rocky Howard, co-founders of Uncrowd, explain what will delight your customers and what will frustrate them. Discover how you can start balancing friction and reward to improve your CX by listening now.

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