The podcast for giving you the insight, the ideas and the inspiration that will help you to effectively deliver changes and transformation to your retail operation and business

The Retail Transformation Show is a weekly podcast. Each week, in 30 minutes or less, you’ll hear a mix of solo-shows with myself, Oliver Banks, as well as interviews with other retail and change experts and specialists.

You’ll take away:

  • Unique perspectives and greater awareness of what’s going on in the retail market
  • Ways to build your “A team” to transform your retail business
  • Fresh, new ideas and opportunities to grasp with both hands
  • Actionable strategies and tactics to apply to your business and improve retail
  • Motivation to help you drive your retail transformation to success

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016: How Amazon Are Transforming Retail

Amazon are a major disruption in the whole retail marketplace. In this episode, find out how Amazon are proactively transforming retail alongside Amazon experts, Natalie Berg and Miya Knights.

015: 7 Big Retail Trends for 2019

The retail marketplace has changed quite a bit over the past few years. Whilst we should always expect change, it’s the pace of change that’s picked up. With so much moving all of the time, it’s difficult to know which opportunities to go after. In this episode of the Retail Transformation Show, find out the big retail trends for 2019.

014: The Future of Retail in 2019 (part 3)

2019 will be an important year for retail. Retailers must change to improve business performance for customers and shareholders. In this episode, 3 experts, Richard Hammond, Matthew Speight and Michael Grange share what is exciting them about the future of retail in 2019.

013: The Future of Retail in 2019 (part 2)

2019 looks like it could be another challenging year for retail. But with challenge, we’ll also get opportunity and change. In fact, things must change which will release new energy and ultimately will be better for customers. In this episode, hear from 3 experts, all with brilliant minds, on what they feel is exciting them about the future of retail in 2019.

012: The Future of Retail in 2019 (part 1)

It feels already like 2019 could be another defining year for retail. There is widespread recognition that things must change which is exciting for the industry and for customers. In this episode of the Retail Transformation Show, hear from 3 retail experts on what...

011: 3 Critical Foundations for Successful Transformation

Transformation is tough, right? To maximise your chances of success, you must monitor and improve 3 factors which give a solid foundation to build your transformation on. Discover the symptoms to look out for and what action to take to ensure these critical foundations are in good shape.

010: Retail Review of the Year 2018

Retail in 2018 has been a turbulent ride. With companies going into administration, the new dawn of robots, huge mergers and more. Listen to this episode of the podcast to recall the biggest stories from 2018 and learn what they mean for retail in 2019.

009: The True Purpose of Your Actions

A quick Christmas episode this time, but with an important takeaway. Take time to reflect and take a breath of air – but think about your customers and the true purpose of your transformation from their eyes.

008: Transform Your Data Into Real Results

Both operations and transformations need to use data – but are you just “doing data” or are you actually using it effectively to drive progress and results. In this episode, pick up 4 actionable tips to help you transform how you are using data and insight to positively change the future. Full show note are available at

007: Planning Effective Meetings

Do you want more effective meetings so that you can drive more progress and waste less time? Of course you do! So, in this episode, follow my 4 step process to effectively plan out how you will make your next big meeting or pitch a success. In turn, this will help you to drive your retail transformation to a success conclusion faster.

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